Improper Irrigation Scheduling: Its Effects and How Smart IoT Devices Can Solve the Problem


Proper irrigation scheduling is crucial for maximizing crop productivity and minimizing water waste. Unfortunately, the consequences of improper irrigation practices can be detrimental to crops, leading to reduced yields, increased expenses, and environmental degradation. However, the emergence of smart Internet of Things (IoT) devices offers a promising solution to this age-old problem. In this blog post, we will explore the negative effects of improper irrigation scheduling on crops and delve into how smart IoT devices can revolutionize water management in agriculture, enabling farmers to optimize yields and reduce costs.

The Negative Effects of Improper Irrigation Scheduling:

  1. Water Stress and Yield Losses: Improper irrigation, whether through over- or under-irrigation, can result in water stress for crops. Over-irrigation leads to waterlogged soil conditions, suffocating plant roots and promoting the growth of root diseases. Conversely, under-irrigation deprives plants of the necessary water, leading to wilting, stunted growth, and reduced yields. By disrupting the delicate water balance, improper irrigation scheduling directly impacts crop health and productivity.
  2. Nutrient Leaching and Fertilizer Inefficiency: Excessive irrigation can cause water to percolate through the soil too quickly, carrying away vital nutrients in a process called nutrient leaching. This leads to nutrient deficiencies in crops, hindering their growth and reducing yields. Additionally, improper irrigation can result in inefficient fertilizer use, as nutrients may not reach the root zone effectively. This not only wastes resources but also contributes to environmental pollution.
  3. Soil Salinization and Degradation: Improper irrigation practices can contribute to soil salinization, where excessive water evaporates, leaving behind salt deposits that impede crop growth. High salt levels in the soil interfere with nutrient uptake, disrupt plant physiology, and reduce yields. Moreover, improper irrigation techniques can contribute to soil erosion, resulting in the loss of fertile topsoil and decreased soil quality over time.
  4. Increased Energy and Water Costs: Inefficient irrigation scheduling leads to excessive water and energy consumption. Over-irrigation not only wastes water but also requires additional energy to pump and distribute it. Conversely, under-irrigation may necessitate costly remedial measures such as drilling deeper wells or installing additional water sources. These inefficiencies impose financial burdens on farmers, impacting their profitability and sustainability.

The Role of Smart IoT Devices in Solving the Problem:

Smart IoT devices, equipped with advanced sensors and connectivity, offer a transformative solution to the challenges posed by improper irrigation scheduling. By providing real-time data and insights, these devices empower farmers with the knowledge needed to optimize irrigation practices and enhance crop performance. Here are some ways in which smart IoT devices can revolutionize water management in agriculture:

  1. Real-Time Monitoring: Smart IoT devices can monitor crucial parameters such as soil moisture, temperature, humidity, and weather conditions in real time. This data enables farmers to make informed decisions about irrigation scheduling, ensuring that crops receive the right amount of water at the right time.
  2. Data-Driven Insights: By analyzing data collected from sensors, smart IoT devices can provide valuable insights on crop water requirements, enabling farmers to tailor irrigation schedules to specific crop stages and environmental conditions. This precision approach optimizes water usage and minimizes the risk of water stress or waste.
  3. Automation and Remote Control: Smart IoT devices can automate irrigation systems, allowing for precise and timely water delivery without manual intervention. Farmers can remotely monitor and control irrigation processes through mobile applications or web interfaces, optimizing water usage and reducing labor costs.
  4. Integration with Weather Forecasting: Integrating smart IoT devices with weather forecasting systems enhances irrigation scheduling accuracy. By combining real-time sensor data with weather predictions, farmers can adjust irrigation schedules in anticipation of rainfall or other weather events, further optimizing water usage.


Improper irrigation scheduling poses significant challenges to farmers, affecting crop yields, resource efficiency, and sustainability. However, the advent of smart IoT devices brings hope for improved water management in agriculture. By providing real-time data, data-driven insights, and automation capabilities, these devices enable farmers to optimize irrigation practices, save costs, and maximize crop productivity. Embracing smart IoT technology in agriculture can pave the way for a more sustainable and prosperous future, where proper irrigation scheduling is no longer a challenge but a well-managed reality.

50+ Agricultural Projects for Agricultural Engineering Students | Components Shop Bangladesh

Agriculture is a vital industry in Bangladesh, and as an Agricultural Engineering student, finding the right project idea for your coursework or competition can be challenging. That’s why we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of 50+ agricultural projects covering a wide range of topics, including precision farming, irrigation systems, and greenhouse automation.

At, the leading components shop in Bangladesh, we have all the components you need to get started on your agricultural projects. From sensors and controllers to pumps and valves, we have everything you need to bring your agricultural projects to life.

Our list of agricultural projects is designed to help you explore the capabilities of Agricultural Engineering and develop your skills in designing and implementing innovative solutions for agriculture. With step-by-step instructions and code examples, you’ll be able to build a wide range of agricultural projects that demonstrate your knowledge and creativity.

Whether you’re looking for an agricultural project for your Agricultural Engineering coursework or competition, our list of 50+ agricultural projects is the perfect resource. Get your components from, the leading components shop in Bangladesh, and start building your agricultural projects today.

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Role of IoT in Promoting Livestock Health through Remote Monitoring and Data-Driven Decision-Making
1Solar Powered Tea Leaf Cutting Machine
2Plant watering automation
3Monitor and control your irrigation system with a mobile app
4Wireless soil moisture probe with helium and df robot
5IOT | TensorFlow weather station predicts rainfall intensity
6Design and fabrication of a tomato seed extractor
7Design and fabrication of a tomato seed extractor
8Tractor mounted equipment of duster
9Tractor mounted equipment of duster
10Vegetable seed extractor
11Design and fabrication of chili seeds extractor
12Design and fabrication of low cost tractor mounded multipurpose d d t powder disseminator
13Farm pulverizer
14Study of agricultural machinery in India
15Study of agricultural machinery in India
16Portable bio gas plant using agriculture waste
17Work study of agriculture operations
18Analysis of employment in agriculture
19Utilization of solar air heater for agriculture produce
20Solar agricultural water pumping system with auto tracking
21Solar powered agricultural water pumping system with auto tracking
22Fabrication of agricultural motor pump running using solar power
23Multi agri cutter
24Multi purpose agriculture equipment
25Making fossil fuel blocks from agriculture wastages
26Design and fabrication of a tomato seed extractor
27Design and fabrication of a tomato seed extractor
28Tractor mounted equipment of duster
29Tractor mounted equipment of duster
30Vegetable seed extractor
31Design and fabrication of chili seeds extractor
32Design and fabrication of low cost tractor mounded multipurpose d d t powder disseminator
33Farm pulverizer
34Study of agricultural machinery in India
35Study of agricultural machinery in India
36Portable bio gas plant using agriculture waste
37Work study of agriculture operations
38Analysis of employment in agriculture
39Utilisation of solar air heater for agriculture produce
40Solar agricultural water pumping system with auto tracking
41Solar powered agricultural water pumping system with auto tracking
42Fabrication of agricultural motor pump running using solar power
43Multi Agri cutter
44Multi purpose agriculture equipment
45Making fossil fuel blocks from agriculture wastages
46Fabrication of Beans Sheller machine
47Fabrication of composite grain separator
48Fabrication of motorized focus light mechanism for all directions
49Biomass Briquetting Machine
50Automatic Water Level Sensing Crane for Agricultural Pump
51Pneumatic Ground Driller
52Fabrication of Coconut Scraping Machine
53Fabrication of night light system for bullock cart using self-power
54Fabrication of bicycle operated water lifting pump
55Fabrication of multipurpose dryer using solar composite collector
56Fabrication of solar desalination plant
57Fabrication of solar irrigation system
58Fabrication of wind mill for water lifting and electricity generation
59Fabrication of water wheel
60Experimental Setup on Gasifier
61Tree Branch Cutting Machine
62Fabrication of Mechanical Seed Thruster
63Fabrication of Solar Birds Scarer
64Bio-Diesel Extraction from Waste Plastic Material
65Fabrication of Paddy Cleaner for Agro Seeds
66Fabrication Of coconut tree Sprayer
67Fabrication of water level sensing crane for motor pump
68Fabrication of solar irrigation system
69Fabrication of solar powered tree leaf cutting machine
70Fabrication of water powered water lifting machine
71Fabrication of automatic bird repellent device
72Fabrication of fogging machine
73Fabrication of solar powered tree leaves cutting machine
74Fabrication of solar operated portable sprayer for nursery
75Fabrication of robotic land loader
76Fabrication of solar operated winnowing machine
77Fabrication of solar operated spray pump
78Fabrication of coconut tree climbing machine
79Fabrication of solar operated duster
80Design and Analysis of Universal Cutter (Specially for Coconut and Areca nut)
81A Project on Automatic Seed Sowing using Solar
82Automatic Moisture and Light Controlling System for Garden
83Water Pumping System using Wind Power
84Fabrication of Sun Flower harvesting machine
85Fabrication of Semi-Automatic Weed Remover in Sugarcane Farm
86A Project on Automatic Fault Egg Sorting Machine
87Hydraulic 3 Axis modern trailer for Agriculture
88Automatic Fault Egg Sorting Machine
89A Project on Rear Wheel Steering for trailer Trucks
90Design & Fabrication of Plant Trimmer
91Fabrication of Solar Seed Dryer
92Viability of used Sunflower Oil as a Substitute for Diesel
93Fabrication of Maize de-Husker
94Fabrication of vermi compost separator
95Fabrication of tomato grader
96Fabrication of bicycle operated water lifting pump
97Fabrication of solar seed dryer
98Fabrication of solar water pumping system with auto solar tracking
99Fabrication of water pumping system using wind power
100Fabrication of versatile produce cutting/slicing machine for agricultural industries
101Fabrication of water purifying bicycle
102Fabrication of solar powered fencing for agricultural lands
103Automatic Vegetable (or) Lemon Cutting machine
104Fabrication of Pedal Operated Water pumping system
105Design and Fabrication of Gas Converted Power Sprayer
106A Project on Fabrication of low cost harvesting machine
107Design and Fabrication of Hand Operated Fertilizer Blender
108A Project on Portable vegetable Cutter and Slicer
109Fabrication of Solar Seeds Sprayer
110Fabrication of Multi Utility Agricultural Vehicle
111Fabrication of Pepper Thresher Machine
112Design and Development of Natural vegetable / Fruits Preservatory
113Fabrication of Seed Crushing machine
114Agricultural Motor Pump Running using Solar Power
115Automatic Ginger Cutting, Feeding and Drying Machine
116Agricultural Paddy Cleaning System by using Solar Power
117Solar Cabinet Seed Drier Integrated with Biomass
118Fabrication of Solar grass cutter (prototype model)
119Fabrication of Rubber Tree Tapping Machine
120A Project on Multipurpose Seed Shower
121Fabrication of Paddy Harvesting and Threshing Machine

100+ Mechanical Engineering Projects for Students | Components Shop Bangladesh

Mechanical Engineering is a diverse field that covers a wide range of topics, including mechanics, materials science, thermodynamics, and robotics. As a Mechanical Engineering student in Bangladesh, finding the right project idea for your coursework or competition can be challenging. That’s why we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of 100+ Mechanical Engineering projects covering a wide range of topics, including machine design, thermal management, and robotics for automation.

At, the leading components shop in Bangladesh, we have all the components you need to get started on your Mechanical Engineering projects. From motors and actuators to sensors and microcontrollers, we have everything you need to bring your Mechanical Engineering projects to life.

Our list of Mechanical Engineering projects is designed to help you explore the capabilities of Mechanical Engineering and develop your skills in designing and implementing innovative solutions. With step-by-step instructions and code examples, you’ll be able to build a wide range of Mechanical Engineering projects that demonstrate your knowledge and creativity.

Whether you’re looking for a project for your Mechanical Engineering coursework or competition, our list of 100+ Mechanical Engineering projects is the perfect resource. Get your components from, the leading components shop in Bangladesh, and start building your Mechanical Engineering projects today.

100+ Industrial Automation Projects for Industrial Engineering Students | Components Shop Bangladesh

Looking for industrial automation project ideas for your Industrial Engineering coursework or competition? Check out our list of industrial automation projects covering a wide range of topics. Get your automation components from the top shop in Bangladesh,

Description: Industrial Automation is an integral part of Industrial Engineering, and as an Industrial Engineering student in Bangladesh, finding the right automation project idea for your coursework or competition can be challenging. That’s why we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of industrial automation projects covering a wide range of topics, including PLC programming, SCADA systems, and robotics for automation.

At, the leading components shop in Bangladesh, we have all the automation components you need to get started on your industrial automation projects. From PLCs and sensors to motor drives and HMI displays, we have everything you need to bring your industrial automation projects to life.

Our list of industrial automation projects is designed to help you explore the capabilities of Industrial Engineering and develop your skills in designing and implementing automation systems. With step-by-step instructions and code examples, you’ll be able to build a wide range of industrial automation projects that demonstrate your knowledge and creativity.

Whether you’re looking for an industrial automation project for your Industrial Engineering coursework or competition, our list of industrial automation projects is the perfect resource. Get your automation components from, the leading components shop in Bangladesh, and start building your industrial automation projects today.

Solar Seawater Desalinator
Auto Wire Cutter & Stripper Machine
Dual Side potato Fires Cutter Machine
Auto Bottle Filling and Capping System
PLC Color Sorting Machine
Sugarcane Bud Cutter Machine

More Industrial Projects

Process System Automation Projects

Packaging Line Integration Project Examples

Other Examples of Automated Systems

100+ Biomedical and Health Projects for Engineering Students | Components Shop Bangladesh

Biomedical and Health Engineering is a multidisciplinary field that combines engineering, medicine, and biology to design and develop innovative solutions for healthcare. As a Biomedical and Health Engineering student in Bangladesh, finding the right project idea for your coursework or competition can be challenging. That’s why we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of 100+ Biomedical and Health projects covering a wide range of topics, including medical imaging, rehabilitation engineering, and health monitoring systems.

At, the leading components shop in Bangladesh, we have all the components you need to get started on your Biomedical and Health projects. From sensors and microcontrollers to medical devices and imaging equipment, we have everything you need to bring your Biomedical and Health projects to life.

Our list of Biomedical and Health projects is designed to help you explore the capabilities of Biomedical and Health Engineering and develop your skills in designing and implementing innovative healthcare solutions. With step-by-step instructions and code examples, you’ll be able to build a wide range of projects that demonstrate your knowledge and creativity.

Whether you’re looking for a project for your Biomedical and Health Engineering coursework or competition, our list of 100+ Biomedical and Health projects is the perfect resource. Get your components from, the leading components shop in Bangladesh, and start building your Biomedical and Health projects today.

All Biomedical Projects

Arduino-based Health Projects

  • MySignals:

    Development platform for medical devices and eHealth applications. It measures more than 15 different biometric parameters. You can add your own sensors
    to build new medical devices.
  • IoT Based Health Care System:

    It provides a solution for measurement of body parameters like ECG, Temperature, Moisture, and Heartbeat. It also detects the body condition and location of the patients.
  • The Arduino101 way of Caregiving:

    Dealing with ill people or elderly at your home? No problem, here’s the solution.

Personal Healthcare Assistant (PHA):

Wearable for monitoring the health condition of patients who have suffered or are in risk of having a cardiac arrest.

Smart Health Kit:

Creating E-health care system that allows easier, better, and faster communications between patients, doctors, and hospitals.

Controlling patient’s fever with Artik & Arduino:

This project consists of 2 devices. The first one is a wearable and monitors temperature, the second one will control the temperature.

Alzheimer’s Assistant:

A smartwatch with fall and location detection, reminders and more, designed to help you or your loved one with Alzheimer’s!

  • Sleep Quality Monitor:

    Monitor the quality of your sleep and live better.
  • Purdue ExoMIND Glove:

    The ExoMIND Glove is a stroke rehabilitation device used to generate biofeedback for physical therapists and patients.
  • LipSync:

    An assistive tech which allows quadriplegics to use touchscreen mobile devices using a mouth-operated joystick with sip and puff controls to simulate the actions of “tap” and hitting the back button, respectively. With longer sips and longer puffs, additional secondary features are enabled including a “tap and drag”, “long tap and drag” and the possibility of more specialized functions as per the user’s needs.


Tympan RevC/ RevD: Open source hearing aid Arduino-compatible  hardware

Tympan RevC/ RevD is an open source hardware/ software platform for developing hearing aid devices

100+ Robotics Projects for Mechatronics Engineering Students | Components Shop Bangladesh

Mechatronics engineering is an interdisciplinary field that combines mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science to design and develop intelligent systems. Robotics is a crucial part of Mechatronics engineering, and as a Mechatronics engineering student in Bangladesh, finding the right robotics project idea for your coursework or competition can be challenging. That’s why we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of 100+ robotics projects covering a wide range of topics, including mobile robotics, industrial automation, and drone technology.

At, the leading components shop in Bangladesh, we have all the robotics components you need to get started on your Mechatronics projects. From motors and actuators to sensors and microcontrollers, we have everything you need to bring your robotics projects to life.

Our list of robotics projects is designed to help you explore the capabilities of Mechatronics engineering and develop your skills in designing and implementing robotics systems. With step-by-step instructions and code examples, you’ll be able to build a wide range of robotics projects that demonstrate your knowledge and creativity.

Whether you’re looking for a robotics project for your Mechatronics engineering coursework or competition, our list of 100+ robotics projects is the perfect resource. Get your robotics components from, the leading components shop in Bangladesh, and start building your robotics projects today.

List of Robotics Project Ideas:

  • DTMF Controlled Robot without MicrocontrollerThe main aim of this project is to control a robotic vehicle by giving the instruction through mobile phone using DTMF technology. This can be used for surveillance systems and industrial applications.
  • Microcontroller Based Line Following Robot This project illustrates the concept of tracking or following the path specified to a robotic vehicle using AVR microcontroller. This project uses IR sensor to detect the path specified by the user.
  • War Field Spying Robot With Night Vision Wireless CameraThis project implements a remote controlled spy robot which would helpful in the event of wars. A night vision capability of wireless camera attached with this robot provides the spying information even in darkness using infrared lighting.
  • PC Controlled Human Detection RobotThis project aims to detect the humans through a robotic vehicle by using IR sensors and microcontroller unit. This project is very helpful in the time of earth quakes to detect the personnel.
  • GSM Mobile Phone Controlled Intelligent RobotThe idea of designing this project is to control the movements or motion of robot using GSM technology that means by sending SMS to the remote robot control unit, robot movements can be controlled.
  • Metal Detector Robot Using MicrocontrollerA Metal detector robot is useful to sense the metals in the path ahead of it. This will be necessary requirement in case land mines detection. So this project meets the requirement with simple microcontroller based robot.
  • Design of Rescue Robot and Pipeline Inspection Using ZigbeeThis project aims to design a rescue robot for rescue of child in a borehole according to commands given by the user from PC. This project also consists of pick and place arm and wireless camera to achieve desired performance.
  • MEMS Sensors Controlled Haptic Forefinger Robotic AidThis project deals with the control of forefinger direction based path way robot for aiding physically challenged people. This design uses MEMS sensor, RF module and microcontroller to achieve the operation.
  • Mobile Robot Navigation System with RFID and Ultrasonic SensorsThis is an intelligent navigation method for indoor mobile robotic vehicles. RFID tags attached in the robotic environment help to navigate the robot in a desired path while ultrasonic sensors are used to detect the obstacles in the path.
  • Design of an Unmanned Vehicle using a GSM Network with MicrocontrollersThis project implements a unmanned robotic vehicle with remote control operation set by the GSM network by replacing RF circuits which suffers from drawbacks like limited control and limited frequency range.
  • Obstacle Avoiding RobotThis is an autonomous intelligent robot which is built with infrared sensors to sense the obstacles coming in the path of the robot and correspondingly changes the direction of the robot.
  • Bluetooth Controlled Robot Using Android Smart PhoneThe purpose of this project is to control the motion of a robot using an application of Android smart phone. A wireless communication between the smart phone device and robotic vehicle is established by Bluetooth technology.
  • Autonomous Farming Robot with Plant Health IndicationThis system is designed to implement an autonomous farming robot which monitors the health condition of plants, senses the surrounding environmental conditions and pour-out the water depends on moisture content. This project uses ARM controller as central controlling unit.
  • Implementation of Land Survey RobotThis project implements a design which is used to conduct the land survey in order to calculate the area of that land and to divide it into subplots. Along with microcontroller, Zigbee module is attached to the robot to transfer the field data to control area.
  • Automatic Fire Sensing and Extinguishing RobotThis project aims to develop a multi flame sensor based fire fighting robot. If the fire takes place, the robot moves towards the fired area and starts sprinkling the water from water pump attached to it.
  • Automatic Wall Paining RobotThe primary object of this project is to implement a wall painting robot which automatically paints the wall of given dimensions using major components as IR sensors, microcontroller and DC motor.
  • Design of GPS-Guided Mobile RobotThis robot is designed to be a autonomous by detecting its surroundings and to navigate accordingly by using GPS module attached to it. It also equipped with ultrasonic sensors to detect the obstacles.
  • A Microcontroller Based Four Fingered Robotic HandThis project deals with design of a four fingered robot arm using wireless feedback, sensors and microcontroller unit. By using this project we can implement 14 independent commands for all fingers.
  • Autonomous Surveillance Robot with Path Tracking CapabilityThe idea of this project is to build an autonomous robot for surveillance applications with additional capabilities like pattern recognition, path tracing, fire detection and obstacle detection.
  • Autonomous Surveillance Robot with Path Tracking CapabilityThe idea of this project is to build an autonomous robot for surveillance applications with additional capabilities like pattern recognition, path tracing, fire detection and obstacle detection.
  • Remote Controlled Pick and Place Robotic VehicleThis robotic vehicle is designed to pick and place the objects from one place to the other in an industry remotely using wireless communication method.
  • Rope Traversing Robot with Surveillance CapabilityThis robot is designed to have capabilities of traversing in both horizontal as well as vertical directions with camera mounted on the top of that robot for surveillance purpose.
  • Voice Controlled Robotic VehicleThe main purpose of this project is to operate the robotic vehicle based on voice commands given by the user. The Speech recognition module, RF transmitter& receiver and microcontroller unit are the primary components in this design.
  • Mobile Phone Controlled Four Legged Walking RobotThis type of robot is implemented to overcome the disadvantages of wheels based robot which cannot work on hilly or rocky terrain. So this walking robot can able to access the challenging terrains using servo motors with additional capabilities like obstacle avoidance, remote control through GSM, etc.
  • Arduino Operated Robotic Lawnmower Power by Solar EnergyThis robot is designed to mow the grass in the garden within a defined area by avoiding all the obstacles. The entire circuit is powered with solar energy with Arduino controller as central control element.
  • Automated System Design for Metro TrainThis is an automated system for a metro train which announces the station name and displays the relevant information when train arrives at particular station. In this, RFID tags are used for tracking the station data.
  • Design of a Surface Cleaning RobotThis project illustrates the design of surface cleaning robots which are used to collect the floating garbage in rivers, coastal waters and lakes. This project implemented by using AVR controller with RS485 communication.
  • Intelligent Gesture Controlled Wireless WheelchairThis project controls the wheelchair of a disabled person in a hand motion based gesture interfaces controlled by a microcontroller. In addition to this, wireless gesture control is also attached with this system for remote control operation.
  • Accelerometer Based Robot Motion and Speed Control with Obstacle DetectionThis is an ARM controller based project which controls the robot based on accelerometer gesture recognition technique. For establishing the communication between the controller and robot, a Zigbee module is interfaced to the circuit.
  • Color Guided Material Handling RobotThe main idea of this project is to build a color detecting robot which separates the objects that are moving on a conveyer belt in an industry. This project uses MATLAB to develop color detective algorithm.
  • Design and Development of Wall Climbing RobotThis design gives a robot with wall climbing capability so that which can stick and move over vertical as well as inclined surfaces. A stepper motor with a microcontroller is used for achieving the operation.
  • Web Based Embedded Robot For Safety And Security Applications Using ZigbeeThis project develops an embedded system for security and safety robotic vehicle using microcontroller with attached Zigbee module and web server. It collects the sensors data like intruder detection and gas leakage and then send to the Zigbee module for alarming purpose.
  • An RFID Warehouse RobotThis project is intended to build an autonomous robot which has the ability to identify the items, picking up, and placing in a desired location with line follower module and RFID technology.
  • Wireless Surveillance Robot with Motion Detection and Live Video TransmissionThis project aims to detect and recognize motion automatically around the robot environment in order to perform the surveillance operation with video transmission capability using PIC microcontroller.
  • Arduino Based Smart Boat with Obstacle DetectionThis is a simple DIY project which helps to design a boat with additional features like light guided control and obstacle detection.
  • Touch Screen Controlled Multipurpose Spy Robot Using ZigbeeThis is a multipurpose robot vehicle which can be used for different robot applications. This project consists of touch screen form which we can send commands to the robot via Zigbee module to the robot circuit which is implemented by using microcontroller.
  • Design of Microcontroller Based Edge Avoider Robot This project implements a robot which can avoid edge by detecting early and takes further action in time. This project also includes path finding, obstacle detection and line follower capabilities.
  • A Domestic Robot for Security Systems Using Zigbee TechnologyThis project uses PIR sensors, ultrasonic sensor and camera to build a robot with automatic door locking system to provide the security in homes. This project uses Zigbee technology to send the information to the remote controlled area.
  • PIC Microcontroller Based Auto Tracking RobotThis project is implemented with optical sensors to indicate the location of the line and PIC microcontroller to calculate the position of robot from sensor data and to adjusts the motors of the robot such that it follow the line of desired path.
  • Arduino Based Photovore or Light Seeking RobotThe objective of this project is to implement a robotic vehicle which can be controlled by light without human interference, in other words we can call it as light following robot. This project built with Arduino controller with obstacle detection capability.
  • Automatic Scrap Collecting RobotThe main intention of this project is to design a robot that can collect scrap in given specified area with motion control and arm control capabilities.
  • Design and Implementation of Snow Plow RobotThis project implements a snow plow vehicle by using Arduino uno board. It works on the commands sent from RF communication device so that robot movements as well as plow are controlled in a desirable way.
  • Design of RF Based Speed Control System for VehiclesThis proposed project automatically reduces the speed of a vehicle in the places where sign boards are placed on highways. RF transmitters are placed at the sign boards whereas receivers are placed in the vehicles. Therefore, speed of the vehicles are controlled when vehicle come across these boards.
  • Control of Mobile Robot for Pipe Line InspectionThe design of mobile robot for inspecting pipe lines is implemented by this project by equipping required sensors to the robot. This robot is controlled by a microcontroller unit along with GSM module and camera.
  • Automatic Steering Control robotThis project proposes an automatic steering method for vehicles with manned as well as unmanned mode with automatic electronic clutch and pulleys.
  • Eye-Base Domestic Robot Allowing Patient to Be Self-Services and Communications Remotely This project aims to aid patients so that they can be self-sufficient in domestic as well as hospital circumstances by designing an eye based robot.
  • Autonomous Robot for Target Detection and ShootingThe main objective of this project is to design cost effective autonomous robot for automatically finding target, locking it and hits by a shooting mechanism using image processing technique.
  • Design of a Robot for Application in the Electrical Field with Narrow and Hazardous SpaceThis project implements a robot which would work in hazardous environment such as boilers in power generation, electric wielding systems, etc. The data acquisition and control of this robot achieved by PLC and SCADA systems.
  • Solar Powered Automatic Paddy and Corn Collector Robotic VehicleThe aim of this project is to aid farmers for harvesting and collecting the paddy crops in the field with blades attached to the robotic arm. This project uses solar power to energize the entire circuit.
  • Voice Operated Intelligent ElevatorThe idea of this project is to design a voice controlled intelligent elevator which uses speech recognition technology to control the elevator. This also helps to turn the fans, lights and door in the elevator through voice commands.
  • Self-rappelling Robot System for Inspection and Rescue ApplicationsThis project describes the design of self-rappelling search and rescue robot which can move over chaotic rough structures with rappelling and winching capabilities.
  • Design of Cleaning Robot System to External Glass Walls of BuildingsThis type of design of a robot is used for cleaning and washing of frontage buildings with glass walls. A climbing robot which is capable to climb on glass structure is implemented in this project.
  • Implementation of Self Balancing RobotThe aim of this project is to demonstrate the balancing of an unstable robot with two wheels. This project uses an Arduino controller for discrete digital control to get the stability.
  • FPGA Based Robotic Arm with Six Degrees of FreedomThe main aim of this project is to design a multipurpose robotic arm with 6 degrees of freedom to achieve high performance with greater accuracy. This system uses FPGA for control and processing the design.
  • Vehicle Anti Collision Using Ultrasonic SignalsThis project proposes an active vehicles anti collision system by using ultrasonic range finder along with GSM module. This system nor only alerts the driver but also actuate the safety switches automatically.
  • Implementation of Self Parking Robotic CarThis design implements a self and automatic parking system to park a car by making use of various sensors like infrared range finders, sonars and camera.
  • Design of a Wireless Gesture Controlled Robotic Arm with VisionThis project deals with the design of robotic arm based on the accelerometer system. This system controls the robotic arm wirelessly via RF signals using 3-axis accelerometer.
  • Implementation of Cube Solving RobotThis project implements a robot with cube solving capability within a short duration by using mechanical structure, color identification sensor and an algorithm to solve the cube.
  • An RFID Based Serving Robot This type of design of robot is intended to increase the efficiency of food serving to customers in hotels by decreasing the waiting time. This project uses PIC microcontroller and RFID technology to implement the required operation.
  • Head Motion Controlled Robotic VehicleThe idea of this project is to aid the paralyzed or disabled people by implementing automated wheelchair. Head movements of the user can control the motion of the wheelchair using accelerometer sensors.
  • Arduino Based Quadruped RobotThis project implements a simple and cost-effective quadruped walking robot with two servos controlled with Arduino uno controller.
  • Intelligent Data Acquisition Robot for Industrial MonitoringThis robot is designed to acquire the industrial parameters and to send them to a centralized control area via RF communication. This robot is equipped with line following as well as motion detection capabilities.
  • Smoke and LPG Gas Detection Robot with Wireless ControlThis proposed system is useful for underground and mining applications for detecting the smoke and LPG detection. The sensed or detected data is transmitted to the control area using RF communication technology.
  • Autonomous Indoor Helicopter Flight using a Single Onboard CameraThe goal of this project is autonomously flying a helicopter using closely integrated onboard single camera in indoor environments so that navigation performed with camera alone.
  • Garbage Collection Robot Using Wireless Communication TechnologyThe main objective of this project is to implement a garbage collection robot with facility to be operated remotely. This project is built with PIC microcontroller, Bluetooth technology and wireless camera.
  • Design of Amphibian RobotThis project deals with the design of amphibious robot which is a water-resistive robot that can be used on rough terrain and under water to accomplish the desired tasks. This also equipped with self navigation system.
  • A Socially Assistive Robot for the Elderly and Cognitively Impaired The goal of this design is to provide the assistance for cognitively impaired as well as elders by implementing social assistive robots which helps them to do self maintenance and activities of daily living.
  • Implementation of Lane Detection Autonomous Car Using Raspberry PiThe objective of this project is to implement a monocular vision autonomous vehicle with lane and obstacle detection capabilities using Raspberry Pi.
  • Arduino Based Robotic ManipulatorThe idea of this design is to implement a robotic arm which is programmed with similar functions that have on a human arm. This manipulator design is implemented by using Arduino controller.
  • Design of Fruit Plucking RobotThis project introduces the new robotic harvesting technology to increase the harvest efficiency of the labor in order to pick the fruits from trees when they are ripen by implementing an autonomous robot.
  • Design of simple Roller Robot with Wireless CameraIt is small roller type of robot implemented with two wheels and wireless camera which can be controlled via handheld terminal control unit.
  • Automation of Object Sorting Using an Industrial RobotThis project aims to build a machine vision based robotic vehicle which is helpful for sorting the objects in a predefined quality of groups by inspecting the color of the object with camera. This also includes the pick and place robotic arm.
  • Monitor and Control of an Excavator RobotThe purpose of this project is to implement a remote control operation for commercially available excavators through the use a Graphical User Interface so that movements of excavator are controlled by observing site conditions in GUI.
  • An Intelligent Combat RobotThis intelligent combat robot consists of two barrel turrets through which bullets can be fired. This entire robot is controlled remotely via RF module with camera attached with the robot.
  • Design of Intelligent Solar Tracker Robot for SurveillanceThe main objective of this project is to generate the maximum solar power from solar panel by tracking the sun. This solar energy is further utilized for energizing the robotic vehicle and surveillance cameras.
  • Implementation of an Omni Wheels RobotThe goal of this design is to build an easy to assemble and cost-effective omni-directional robot which allows the new kind of movements. This project is implemented on Arduino platform with motor driver circuit.
  • Design and Implementation of Intelligent Ground VehicleThe main challenge of this project is to design a high reliable autonomous robot which can move or navigate from one location to the other. This project also includes mapping, localization and path tracking capabilities.
  • Implementation of Ball Tracking RobotThe objective of this project is to implement an object tracking robotic vehicle for automated surveillance by using image processing technique.
  • Car Driving System to Assist the Physically Challenged PersonsThis project demonstrates the gesture controlled car driving system which enables a physically challenged person to drive the car by sending the head movement from the device attached with his/her neck.
  • WI- FI Based Robot Control by Webpage InterfaceIt is a concept of designing Wi-Fi controlled robotic vehicle by which we can control the robot movements via Wi-Fi module attached with robot. Video monitor and web interfacing is also included in this project with camera mounted on the robot.
  • Arduino Based Robot Controlled by TV Remote This project implements a robot which can be controlled for its movements using TV remote. This design uses an Arduino controller to achieve the operation.
  • Dynamic Behavior Analysis for a Six Axis Industrial RobotThis analysis presents the dynamical analysis of an industrial robot for determining self-excited frequencies of robot structure and for analyzing dynamical vibration of the structures.
  • PLC Based Automatic Filling MachineThe main idea of this project is to demonstrate the industrial working environment by designing an automatic bottle filling machine using PLC and sensors.
  • Heavy Duty Robot Racer with Wireless ControlThis project aims to build a simple heavy duty racing robot which can be controlled remotely wireless communication technology with efficient driver circuit and less power motor.
  • PLC Based Robotic Arm Control SystemThis project illustrates the design of controls system for controlling the robotic arm using programmable logic controller (PLC) with additional motor driver circuit.
  • Raspberry Pi Based Humanoid RobotThis project demonstrates the idea of designing small humanoid robots using basic components. This design uses Raspberry controller as a central processor.
  • Autonomous Chess-playing RobotThe main objective of this project is to design a autonomous chess playing robot that could play a game against human opponent by implementing a chess algorithm in controller.
  • Eye Controlled Wheelchair System for Physically ChallengedThis project aims to aim physically challenged persons to control their wheelchairs by eyeball movements without using external commands through keyboards or push buttons by using camera and microcontroller unit.
  • Implementation of Autonomous Agile Aerial RobotThis flying robot is designed for military, photography and monitoring applications. These can be either controlled remotely or flown autonomously based on pre-programmed flight plans.
  • Autonomous Surface Monitoring RobotThis project implements an autonomous robot to conduct the land survey in order to examine the soil characteristics without involvement of humans. Along with this soil characteristics measurement, it includes the obstacle avoidance and path following capabilities.
  • Analysis of Gender and Age Group Recognition for Human-Robot InteractionThis analysis is an application service for Human-robot interaction that gives a comparison of gender and age group recognition with audio based techniques.
  • Smart Host Microcontroller Based Solar Powered Tool with Robotic ArmThe aim of this project is to design smart host microcontroller based robotic vehicle with solar tracking mechanism to increase the rover power capability and also includes additional power system performance by pack of batteries.
  • Autonomous Robotic Vacuum CleanerThis project illustrates the development of autonomous home cleaning robot that cleans the surface without human intervention using Arduino controller, sensors and motor driver circuit.
  • Design and Implementation of Tree Climbing RobotThe primary goal of this project is to implement a robot which could climb a tree with simple mechanism. This also includes the gripping mechanism to stay at particular location on the tree.
  • Electric Guitar Playing RobotThis objective of this project is to design a robot that can play a guitar with simple mechanical design along with automatic controller.
  • Design and Analysis of Parallel Robot for Surgical ApplicationsThis project describes the performance of a robot during surgical operations with assistance of several precise instruments and video camera.
  • Small-Size Soccer Playing RobotThe aim of this project is to implement a humanoid robot that can play soccer game with capabilities like computer vision, multi-robot coordination, off-robot visualization, etc.
  • Artificial Neural Network Based Autonomous Mobile Robot This project presents an electronic design of autonomous robot which performs the precise motions based on Artificial Neural Network (ANN).
  • Actuator Design for Arc Welding RobotThis design analysis helps to determine the actuator capacity by implementing six degree freedom robot for arc welding applications.
  • Design of a Stair climbing Robot This design implements a robot which can move freely on a building stairs even with spiral or steeper stairs with an intelligent mechanical design.
  • FPGA Based Five Axis Robot Arm ControllerThis project is aimed to perform a pick and place operation of robotic arm by correspondingly controlling speed and position with a hardware and software unit of five axis robotic arm design.
  • Implementation of Intelligent Robotic FishThe main aim of this project is to design an intelligent fish robot that can be useful for fight against water pollution by detect hazardous pollutants in the water and also to detect the leaks of underwater pipelines.

For other list of projects in various categories, visit the following pages:

100+ Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE) Projects for Students | Components Shop Bangladesh

Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE) is a challenging and exciting field that requires creativity, technical skills, and innovative thinking. As an ECE student in Bangladesh, finding the right project idea for your coursework or competition can be challenging. That’s why we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of 100+ ECE projects covering a wide range of topics, including microcontrollers, embedded systems, digital signal processing, and wireless communication.

At, the leading components shop in Bangladesh, we have all the electronic and communication components you need to get started on your ECE projects. From microcontrollers and sensors to RF modules and antennas, we have everything you need to bring your ECE projects to life.

Our list of ECE projects is designed to help you explore the capabilities of electronic and communication systems and develop your skills in designing and implementing ECE projects. With step-by-step instructions and code examples, you’ll be able to build a wide range of projects that demonstrate your knowledge and creativity.

Whether you’re looking for a project for your ECE coursework or competition, our list of 100+ ECE projects is the perfect resource. Get your electronic and communication components from, the leading components shop in Bangladesh, and start building your ECE projects today.

Communication using MATLAB

  1. Intelligent approach to video transmission over 2.4 GHz wireless technology : This paper researches a new method for the transmission of MPEG video over a 2.4 GHZ network using MATLAB. It implements neural-fuzzy controller and a rule-based fuzzy controller in the design. Results show that this method improves the data loss and improves the image quality.
  2. Grasping money game used in wireless channel resource allocationWith the increase in communication technology many wireless communication devices have been introduced, which crowded the wireless channels. Grasping money game is a technique used for allocating resources in wireless channels. This paper researches on this technique.

Communication Projects using Labview

  1. Design and Development of Virtual Instrumentation System for Disabled using Labview: This paper develops a virtual system that aids deaf and dumb to communicate with the world. It collects the hand gestures from the user and converts it into a voice using Labview.
  2. AES-256 Encryption in Communication using Labview: This paper studies a new scheme to enhance security of WPN network. Here AES technique is implemented for encryption algorithm.

Bluetooth Communication Projects

  1. Bluetooth Controlled Electronic Home Appliances: This project shows controlling of home appliances using Bluetooth technology. This project uses AT89c51  microcontroller for controlling the appliances by taking commands from Bluetooth.
  2. How To Make Arduino Based Home Automation Project via Bluetooth?This project shows home automation using  arduino via Bluetooth.

GSM Communication Projects

  1. GSM Based Home Security Alarm System Using Arduino: The project shown here provides security to the home. When any intruder enters home it sends a message to the owner using GSM. Intruder is detected using PIR sensor.
  2. GSM Controlled Robot using Microcontroller: Here is project showing robot controlled using GSM .Here AT89c51 microcontroller is used for controlling the robot.
  3. GSM Interfacing with 8051: The main principle of this circuit is to interface a GSM modem with the microcontroller. The microcontroller used is AT89C51 microcontroller.
  4.  Wireless Electronic Notice Board using GSM: This wireless electronic notice board using GSM Technology and microcontroller circuit is used to display the data on LCD whatever we sent from the mobile.
  5. Remote Industrial Security SystemA wireless based industrial security system is designed here. The system is based on GSM communication and the main component is a microcontroller. The main reason for choosing GSM as the mode for communication is the range of GSM is very large and can send and receive signals or messages from any remote place. Some of the sensors used in this system are proximity, light, gas and smoke sensors.
  6. Centralized Monitoring System for TaxiesTaxis are one of the common modes of transportation in cities. For the safety of the passengers and accurate information about distance and fare, a system is proposed for monitoring taxis. Using this system, police can monitor all the taxis without any hassle. It is based on GPS technology and also uses GSM for sending messages to the customer.
  7. Wireless Weather Monitoring based on GSM A wireless weather sensing and monitoring system is proposed here. It consists of different sensors like temperature, humidity, light etc. and displays this information on an LCD. Also, a GSM module is used so that the information can be sent to a remote system via SMS. Using this system, weather can be monitored without actually being present in that place.

DTMF Projects

  1. DTMF Controlled Robot without MicrocontrollerHere a DTMF controlled robot without any microcontroller is shown.
  2. DTMF Controlled Home Automation System CircuitThe system shown here automates the home using DTMF technology. This system can control only 16 devices  at  a time as there are only 16 DTMF tones available in the mobile.

Zigbee Projects

  1. Restaurant Management System Project: Here is project that shows automation of restaurants. It uses zigbee for communication between the user and server in the restaurant.
  2. Zigbee Based Defense Robot: This video shows a zigbee controlled  defence robot. It is controlled using a PC .This robot collects the information about the enemies and sends  it to control room. It then takes the necessary actions like gun shooting  according to the instruction given from the control room.


  1.  Wireless Power Transfer: This circuit mainly works on the principle of mutual inductance. This circuit may be used as wireless power transfer circuit, wireless mobile charger circuit, wireless battery charger circuit, etc.
  2. Street Lights that Glow on Detecting Vehicle Movement: This article describes about the circuit that switches the street lights on detecting vehicle movement and remains off after fixed time. This system controls the street lights using light dependent resistor and PIR sensor.
  3. DTMF Based Home Automation System Circuit: This is a simple and very useful circuit in our real life named DTMF controlled home appliances system. It helps to control the home appliances using DTMF technology.
  4. RFID based Attendance System: This simple RFID based attendance system is designed using ATmega8 Microcontroller and is mainly used in educational institutions, industries, etc. where authentication is needed.
  5. Density Based Traffic Signal System using Microcontroller: In this system, we use IR sensors to measure the traffic density. We have to arrange one IR sensor for each road; these sensors always sense the traffic on that particular road. All these sensors are interfaced to the microcontroller. Based on these sensors, controller detects the traffic and controls the traffic system.
  6. Remote Control Circuit through RF without microcontroller: Here we have used RF434 MHz modules to make wireless remote. Using this remote, we can control the appliances within the range of 100 meters. It is used for remote control applications like burglar alarm, car door alarm, calling bell, security systems, etc.
  7. Remote Operated Spy Robot Circuit: This is a simple spy robot circuit which can be controlled by the remote. The maximum controllable range is 125 meters. It is used to observe the behavior of wild animals where human beings cannot reach.
  8. Cellphone Controlled Home Appliances: This mobile controlled home automation system is designed without using microcontroller. We can also control a robot using this technology by making some modifications.
  9. Remote Password Operated Electronic Home Appliances: This circuit explains you how to control the electrical appliances using an Android device. Here, Bluetooth module is interfaced to 8051 microcontroller. This Bluetooth receives the commands from the Android application device using wireless communication.
  10. Metal Detector Robotic Vehicle: Land mines buried under the ground causes threat to the lives and affect the economy of the nation. Detection and removing of these mines manually is a dangerous task. So, we use a metal detection robot which works on RF technology
  11. Car Parking Guard Circuit Using Infrared Sensor: This circuit helps the person in the driving seat in such a way that it gives an alarm if there is any obstacle or a wall while parking or while driving in reverse. It is very useful in our real life.
  12. Wireless Switch Circuit using CD4027: This is a simple circuit which needs no physical contact with the appliance. In this circuit, all you need is to pass your hand above LDR to ON or OFF the switch.
  13. Cell Phone Detector: This is a simple circuit which helps to detect the presence of an activated cell phone by detecting the signals in the frequency range of 0.9 to 3GHz. It helps in mobile phones tracking which are used for spying.
  14. FM Transmitter Circuit: Here we built a wireless FM transmitter which uses RF communication to transmit the medium or low power FM signal. The maximum range of transmission is around 2 km.
  15. TV Remote Control Jammer: This proposed TV jammer circuit confuses the infrared receiver in a TV by producing the constant signal that interferes the remote control signal. If you switch on the circuit once, the TV will not receive any command from the remote. This allows you to watch your own program without anyone changing the channel or volume.
  16. TV Transmitter Circuit: The main principle of this circuit is to transmit the audio and video signals. Here audio signals are frequency modulated and video signals are PAL modulated. These modulated signals are applied for the antenna.
  17. Transistor Intercom Circuit: This transistor intercom circuit is a simple two way intercom circuit which is used for the dual purpose of sending as well as receiving signals.
  18. FM Remote Encoder/Decoder Circuit: This is a simple post which shows you how to design FM remote encoder and decoder circuit using RF600E and RF600D ICs. This pair of encoder and decoder ICs establishes the communication with high level security. The operating voltage of these ICs is from 2V to 6.6V DC.
  19. Interfacing GPS with 8051 Microcontroller: In this interfacing of GPS with 8051 circuit, GPS module calculates the position by reading the signals that are transmitted by satellites.
  20. IR Audio Link Circuit: This simple IR audio link circuit is used to transmit audio signals wirelessly. This IR audio link is able transmit audio signals up to 4 meters.
  21. Wireless AC/DC Device control for Appliances Using Remote ControlA simple, small and cost effective equipment for device control is developed in this project. It is a microcontroller based project, which can control both AC and DC appliances with the help of a remote control. It is an RF based communication, so that there is no need for line-of sight contact between the transmitter and the receiver.
  22. PC Regimented Defense Android Using ZigBeeA ZigBee wireless communication based robotic system has been developed for the usage in military applications. It is a microcontroller based system with wireless camera. This wireless controlled robot assists the defense as a mini-search robot which can detect any unauthorized materials.
  23. Wireless AC Motor Speed Control Using TRIACThe application of this project is to wirelessly control the direction of rotation and speed of an AC motor. The wireless network used for the purpose of communication between the transmitter and receiver is DTMF. Since, it is an AC motor, a TRIAC and a TRIAC driver are used.
  24. Wireless Stepper Motor Control using IR CommunicationStepper motor is one of the frequently used motors in process control, robotics and machine tools. But the wired control, when used in the application of robotics, is not a good idea. Hence, a wireless control of stepper motor is developed here. It is based on infrared (IR) communication with a limited wireless range. The range of the remote can be increased by employing an RF communication link.
  25. ZigBee based wireless remote weather station monitoring systemThe aim of this project is to implement a ZigBee based wireless weather station monitoring system so that it can be monitored remotely without or less human intervention. The reason for using ZigBee technology is it has a standard data rate and the battery life is decent.
  26. Two-way Wireless Data Messaging System for Rural Areas using ZigBee TechnologyUsing this project, data can be transmitted securely using ZigBee technology for the application in rural areas. The communication can be two-way communication and the security of the data is of no concern as the protocol of ZigBee communication allows encryption and decryption of the data
  27. Wireless Stepper Motor Control using RF CommunicationThis project describes a method for wirelessly controlling the direction and speed of a stepper motor. RF communication is used to control the stepper motor wirelessly. RF transmitter and receiver form the communication link. Because of the RF communication, the range of the wireless network will be significantly larger and the signals can be transmitted even in the presence of any obstacles.
  28. Wireless DC Motor Speed and Direction Control using IR (PWM and H-Bridge):The goal of this project is to wirelessly control the speed and direction of a DC motor using IR based communication. A combination of PWM and H-Bridge (Motor Driver) is used to get the necessary DC motor speed and direction. A microcontroller is used to generate the PWM signals and also continuously monitor the data from the IR sensors.
  29. Wireless Electronic Notice Board with Multi Point Receivers using RF Communication SystemNotice board is the primary means of communication in public utility places like airports, railway stations, institutions etc. In this project, an RF based wireless electronic notice board is developed. In order to ensure that the data is secure, an encoder and decoder module is used so that the communication is only between the transmitter and the receiver
  30. ZigBee based Secured Wireless Data transmission and ReceptionIn this project, a microcontroller based wireless data transmission and reception using the ZigBee protocol is developed. ZigBee uses a 128-bit key security mechanism so that the data transferred using system this will be secure.
  31. Intelligent Wireless Controller for Oil WellsThe monitoring at oil pump units is mainly manual. In this project, a wireless monitor and control system for oil pumping unit in oil wells is designed. It is a microcontroller based system with ZigBee transmitter and receiver. A network of sensors include, level sensor, voltage sensor and current sensor will form a wireless sensor network that can be monitored remotely.
  32. Wireless Transformer Monitoring SystemTransformers are one of the most common and important electrical equipment. They are located everywhere and are used in consumer as well as industrial purpose. Hence, maintenance of transformers is a huge task. The system developed here will help in monitoring the transformers wirelessly. A network of sensor are integrated to a microcontroller and are communicated via RF communication .
  33. Wireless Motor Monitoring SystemA microcontroller based wireless monitor and control of a motor is developed on this system. Such systems are often used in industrial automation process. The wireless communication is based on ZigBee protocol. The use of ZigBee network will reduce the usage of any wires in the monitoring system
  34. Wireless Traffic Light ControllerIn this project, an intelligent traffic light controller based on wireless communication is proposed. The system works in two modes viz. automatic and manual. A set of patterns are defined in the system so that there is smooth flow of traffic in all the directions.
  35. Wireless Audio Communication System: The growth of wireless technology in consumer applications is rapid. One such are is audio transmission and reception. In this project, an efficient and low cost system is developed through which audio is transmitted wirelessly using IR communication. The range of the wireless link will be around 10meters.
  36. Cryptographic Secured Communication Between Army Stations:Communication between army stations should be very safe and secure from alien systems. Hence, the data should be encrypted while transmitting and the same should be decrypted at the receiving station. Cryptography is the best form to encrypt and secure the data. An algorithm is proposed for secured communication between army stations over long distance.
  37. Remote Controlled Dish AntennaAntennas are an important equipment is the field of communication. Dish antenna or parabolic antennas are frequently used in many areas of applications. The requirement of the dish antennas is its positioning with respect to the satellite. A system is developed in this project which helps in wirelessly controlling the position of the antenna. A microcontroller is used to control the position of the motors with the help of IR transmitter and receiver.
  38. Video Signal TransmitterA system, which can transmit video signals wirelessly, is developed here. The transmitter section transmits the signals in RF range and there can be multiple receiver systems, for example, multiple TV’s can receive the same signal without any wires. The range of the RF communication is about 40 feet
  39. Wireless Security SystemA microcontroller based home security system is developed here. It uses RF signals as the wireless communication standard. It includes a group of sensors like IR sensor, window/door contact sensor and a buzzer. Such system, with additional sensors, can also be used in industrial security applications
  40. Wireless Voting MachineVote is our voice as a citizen of the society. Recent developments in technology has helped in organizing elections in an easy and efficient manner. The aim of this project is to implement an intelligent wireless EVM (electronic voting machine). The communication between the EVM and the records unit is through RF mode.
  41. Remote Home Security SystemThe proposed system involves a microcontroller based home security system with remote monitoring. The system includes passive IR sensor, temperature, gas & smoke detector. All these sensors form a wireless sensor network and can communicate with the authorized person via GSM network.
  42. Wireless Camera Position SystemA wireless communication based camera positioning system is developed here. An RF transmitter and receiver are interfaced to a PC and the positioning of the camera is controlled by a microcontroller with the help of a motor driver unit. The communication between the microcontroller and the PC is through RS232 cable.
  43. Accident Identification SystemAn intelligent accident identification system location display unit is designed in this project. A microcontroller is used along with ultrasonic sensor, vibration sensor, temperature sensor, accelerometer, fire detector, heart rate monitor and seat belt warning system. All the data from the sensors is collected by the microcontroller and in case of any emergency, the exact location is captured by a GPS module and sent via GSM network.
  44. Vehicle Tracking SystemVehicle tracking system is becoming an important part in city life for safety and security. This project implements a GPS/GSM based vehicle tracking system. The GPS module continuously monitors the location of the vehicle. The GSM module will transmitted the data in case of any request from the user or accident.
  45. Fire Fighting Robotic VehicleA voice controlled firefighting robot is proposed in this project. The system is capable of detecting fire and alarm a buzzer. The voice commands are transmitted via RF communication link. It is a microcontroller based system with wireless video feed with the help of a camera.
  46. Tampered Energy Meter Information Conveyed to Concerned Authority by Wireless CommunicationThe aim of this project is to send a notification to the authority in the event of tampering of energy meter. Energy theft is a serious problem and has to be prevented. A microcontroller based system is designed which monitors the energy consumption and sends a message to the concerned authority using GSM technology. The information about normal energy reading as well as tampering of energy meter is conveyed.
  47. Wireless Audio Transmitter for TVThe use of wireless technology in household applications brings mobility to the user. One such system is a wireless audio transmitter for TV. In this project, audio signals from TV (or any other device like computer, music player etc.) are transmitted wirelessly using 2.4GHz RF communication to headphones. The range of the designed system is approximately 20meters.
  48. War Field Spying Robot with Night Vision Wireless CameraTerrorism is a serious issue the World is facing. The aim of this project is to design a spying robot which can fight terrorists and also in war field so that the human victims can be reduced. This robot has a wireless night vision camera that transmits the video signals even in night time to the base station using RF communication.
  49. Automatic Wireless Health Monitoring System in Hospitals for PatientsCare of critically ill patients should be spontaneous and accurate. In India, many lives are affected by heart attacks as they do not get timely treatment. The project helps in monitoring the necessary parameters like heart beat rate, body temperature etc. The data is continuously monitored by a microcontroller and can transmit the information using a ZigBee network.
  50. Wireless Over Temperature AlarmIn this system, the temperature is monitored continuously by a microcontroller and in the event of rise in temperature over the predefined reference level, the alarm goes off. Such system are very useful in industries, where precise temperature should be maintained. The data can be transmitted over wireless communication system like RF or GSM
  51. Wireless Message Communication Between Two ComputersThe main aim of this project is to enable wireless communication between two personal computers. The protocol used for communication is ZigBee. The advantage of ZigBee is that the data transmitted will be encrypted and can be decrypted only by the appropriate receiver.
  52. Wireless Temperature Monitoring on Remote Seven-segment Display using RF:A wireless temperature monitoring system is proposed here. The main advantage of this project is that it can be used to display the readings on a 7-segment or LCD wirelessly over RF links. The system is a low cost and easy maintenance temperature monitoring device that can be used in industries.
  53. Wireless Hospital Management SystemA Bluetooth based wireless hospital management system is proposed here. With the help of this system, the communication between doctors and nurses’ about patients’ data will be very easy. A dedicated Bluetooth server will collect all the data. The programming is in Python script. The advantage of Bluetooth over Wi-Fi is that there is no chance of any interference with sensitive medical equipment.
  54. Simple Radar Communication SystemA simple radar communication system based project is designed here which has an important application in reducing accidents. A radar system captures the speed of the car and if the vehicle is moving above the speed limit, the number plate is captured and the information is transmitted to the concerned authority. The advantage of radar based system is that it is fast, accurate and also can recognize the number plates very easily.
  55. File Sharing Using BluetoothPeer-to-Peer file sharing helps in sharing data between two devices without any hassle. Bluetooth is one such protocol which is used in P2P file sharing. A system is proposed here which enables all the Bluetooth enabled devices like cell phones, audio players etc. to transfer data. This system allows file sharing with minimum inquiry and connection time.
  56. Wireless Process ControllerProcess in an industry is a method of changing the raw materials in to finished goods. Process control is a method of controlling the process variables. A wireless process monitor and control system is proposed here which is based on network of sensors. The advantage of such wireless sensor network is that there is no need of any cabling, which reduces the time involved in maintenance of the controller and hence more production can be achieved.
  57. RF based tsunami detection and remote alert system with 60dB sirenThe aim of this project is to design a system which helps in tsunami detection and alerts a remote area. A pressure sensor, which is anchored to the sea floor, is used to read the pressure of the water. This data is transmitted to the control station over RF communication link. The advantage of RF communication is there is less interference from other signals.
  58. Wireless Electrical Apparatus Control System using IR communicationHome automation is a rapidly growing area. An infrared communication based control system for electrical appliances is designed. A microcontroller and a set of relays are used to implement this project. As the communication is based on IR transmission, all the apparatus can be controlled using a remote. The range of the system is limited due to the low range of IR communication. But can still be effective.
  59. Streetlight Power Cable Monitoring System Based on Wireless Sensor Networks using Zigbee communicationA Zigbee based remote monitoring of street lights is developed. It is a system which provides safety at night time for pedestrians. The proposed system contains a microcontroller, a sensor network and a solar panel associated with ZigBee network. It automatically does the actions of ON/OFF/DIM. In case of power failure, the power from the solar panels is used.
  60. Zigbee based Wireless Device control for Industrial AtomizationIndustrial automation is a very important process as it helps in increasing the production and also maintenance can be very less. This project aims at device control using ZigBee communication. A microcontroller is connected to the ZigBee receiver and controls the associated relays. A similar system using Bluetooth can be constructed but the advantage of ZigBee over Bluetooth is its low power consumption. “
  61. Wireless DC Motor Speed and Direction Control using RF CommunicationThe uses and applications of DC motors are huge. They are used in various home, consumer, industrial and research applications. The aim of this project is to provide a wireless speed and direction control of a DC motor. It is a microcontroller based system with H-Bridge for driving the motor. The communication between the user and the controller is via RF link. “
  62. Wireless Attendance RecorderThe normal way of recording attendance in institutions is either by calling out the name/number of the student or by passing a sheet for signature of the student. It is a time consuming and cumbersome process and the chance for false entries is more. A system is proposed where automatic entry of attendance is provided using Near Field Communication (NFC). The electronic attendance register will start to capture the attendance as soon as the instructor enters a class room. The NFC devices must be with the students.
  63. ARM Hardware Platform for Vehicular Monitoring and TrackingThe aim of this project is to monitor and track different parameters like location, speed etc. of a vehicle using the GPS module. The tracked data can be sent to a control or monitor station and also to a registered mobile via SMS using GSM technology. Such system can be installed in heavy vehicles like cargo trucks to small cars and bikes for the purpose of security, tracking and surveillance.
  64. Air Pollution Monitoring System Using Zigbee and GPS ModuleThe degree of automation in all sectors in increasing rapidly with the growth in technology. In the proposed system, a wireless sensor network of gas sensors are used to monitor different pollutants like Carbon dioxide, Carbon monoxide, Nitrogen dioxide and Sulphur dioxide. A ZigBee based communication is used to transfer this data to a control station along with the locations captured from GPS module.
  65. Wireless Material Handling Robot Controlled through ZigbeeManual material handling is a time consuming process and requires more man power. This might affect the production or delivery time of the goods. The purpose of this project is to implement a wireless material handling robot which is controlled via ZigBee network. This system uses flex sensor, ultrasonic sensor, accelerometer and electronic compass.
  66. Assistance for Dumb and Illiterates in Airline Based on Touch Screen and ZigbeeA touch screen based assistance system for the dumb and illiterates travelling in an airline is designed here. Services like coffee, tea, drinks, food etc. can be requested using this system. The communication between the interface and the control unit (located at the air hostess) is done through ZigBee protocol. Both the transmitter and receiver sections require microcontrollers.

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100+ Electrical Projects for Engineering Students | Components Shop Bangladesh

As an engineering student in Bangladesh, finding the right electrical project idea for your project or competition can be challenging. That’s why we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of 100+ electrical projects covering a wide range of topics, including power electronics, control systems, and renewable energy.

At, the leading components shop in Bangladesh, we have all the components you need to get started on your electrical projects. From microcontrollers and sensors to motors and power supplies, we have everything you need to bring your projects to life.

Our list of electrical projects is designed to help you explore the capabilities of electrical engineering and develop your skills in designing and implementing electrical systems. With step-by-step instructions and code examples, you’ll be able to build a wide range of projects that demonstrate your knowledge and creativity.

Whether you’re looking for an electrical project for your engineering project or competition, our list of 100+ electrical projects is the perfect resource. Get your electrical components from, the leading components shop in Bangladesh, and start building your electrical projects today.

Electrical Machines

  • Microcontroller Based Protection for Low Voltage Motors using Zigbee TechnologyThe main aim of this project is to protect and control low voltage motors from low voltage, ground fault, thermal overload and unbalance conditions. Various sensors employed in this design continuously monitors the parameters of the motor. Microcontroller compares all these sensor data with respective set limits and accordingly the switches the relay. This information will be sent to the remote PC using Zigbee communication module.
  • Protecting Induction Motor From Phase & Temperature:Over heating of a motor can  decrease the life time of the motor, causes insulation failure etc. Hence it is necessary to protect the motor from single phasing and overheating. The present project shows the hardware setup for monitoring the phases and temperature of the motors. When there is any deviation in these two parameters, an SMS is sent using  GSM.
  • A Numerical Analysis of Coupled Electromagnetic and Heat Transfer Phenomena in PM BLDC Electric Motor:This paper  focuses on thermal management of electrical motors. It study about , a coupled heat, flow (CFD) and electromagnetic (EMAG) model of the permanent magnet brushless electric motor with electronic commutation was formulated and then validated
  • Four-Quadrant Adjustable Speed Drive for Series Wound DC MotorsIn this project, a four quadrant adjustable speed drive is implemented for series wound DC motors which are mainly employed in electrical traction systems. PIC microcontroller is used in this project to control the speed as well as direction of the motor. This project also includes the current limiting as well as speed limiting protection circuits.
  • Four Quadrant DC Motor Control without MicrocontrollerThis project deals with the implementation of four quadrant motor controller using 555 timer along with H-bridge driver. 555 timer produces the necessary PWM pulses to control the speed while relays are used for changing the polarities and also to apply the brakes to the motor.

Electrical Power Project

  • Role of Surge Arrestors in Electrical Power Systems:Surge arrestors protect the electrical equipment against over voltage. This paper presents the design and characteristics of modern MO surge arrestors.
  • Power Generation Using Foot Step:This paper shows non conventional way of generating the power. Unlike conventional ways here  power is generated simply  from foot steps in the train.
  •  Production of electricity by the method of road power generation:This project shows the method of generating electricity from the road power generation. The device proposed here converts the kinetic  energy into mechanical energy ,there by  producing electricity.
  • Wireless Power Transfer::A simple wireless power transfer device is developed in this project without any microcontroller. Nikola Tesla realized the concept of wireless power transfer. An efficient wireless power transfer system can eliminate the concept of current carrying cables. A small DC fan is operated wirelessly from a distance of 3cm in this project to demonstrate the working. Potential applications of the project are wireless charging of mobile phones, laptops, iPods, etc.

Control system

  • Design of Load Sharing control system using PIC MicrocontrollerThe main aim of this project is to adjust the availability power with consuming load. This system measures the power using current and voltage sensing circuits for every energy source i.e., for wind, solar, grid and generator source. PIC microcontroller compares the load consumption and then optimally connects the respective load to the healthier source.
  • Energy-based Control of an Under actuated Crane System with a Flexible Cable and Large Swing Angle:In this paper, an effective energy based control technique for an overhead crane system with a flexible cable with large swing angle is developed. The studied crane system is categorised as a multi-degree under actuated system whose characteristics can initiate challenges in control design.
  • Standalone Smart Solar-powered Streetlamp Light control System:This project shows a solar powered street light control system. This light can be recharged using solar powered system and it is controlled based on vehicle detection and audio recognition technology.


  • Cyber Security Analysis of Substation Automation System:The automated substation uses SCADA for their implementation. It uses intelligent electronic devices for protection, controlling and monitoring. Mod bus protocol is used for communication. This paper explains about monitoring of substations and analyses cyber security issues  of SCADA systems.
  •  SCADA Based Monitoring and Controlling Using ZigbeeThis project implements the real-time SCADA system using Zigbee communication technology. Zigbee activated microcontroller unit along with set of sensors acts as a Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) while Zigbee transceiver based PC acts as Mater Terminal Unit.
  • Intelligent Automation System For Electrical Energy Distribution:This research work to be aimed at developing indigenous know-how of full scale Distribution Automation system, which can cover from secondary substations to consumer level intelligent automation, the power distribution automation is expected into broad areas. At present, power utilities have to need full scale distribution automation to achieve real time system information and remote control system. In modern power systems, the monitoring and control of power substations are based on the computerised Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems.

IEEE Electrical projects

Electrical Projects using Labview

  • LabVIEW Based Power AnalyzerThis project uses LabVIEW software to measure and analyze the power quality parameters such as active and reactive power, harmonics, instantaneous power and power factor. In this a power analyzer VI is implemented using LabVIEW software along with DAQ board.
  • Implementation of PID and Fuzzy PD Controllers for DC Servo MotorThis project implements fuzzy based PD and Ziegler-Nichols rule based PID controllers in order to control the DC servo motor position. A DAQ board along with LabVIEW software is used in this project to implement both controllers.
  • Real Time Data Monitoring of PV Solar Cell Using LabVIEW and DAQThe data acquisition board (DAQ) along with the LabVIEW software is used in this project for monitoring photo voltaic cells in homes as well as industries. DAQ board acquires the various parameters of solar cells and sends to LabVIEW software where we can monitor those values in GUI.
  •  Direct Torque Control of BLDC Motor In this project direct torque control technique for controlling the speed of brushless DC motors is simulated in order to attain faster response of torque. This project uses LabVIEW software to develop the fuzzy logic controller for this technique.
  • Simulation of Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive with LabVIEWThis project simulates the mathematical model of inverter fed induction motor using LabVIEW software. This simulation is helpful for analysing the dynamic characteristics of motor.
  • Distribution Transformer Fuse Failure Detection and Information Passing SystemThe main objective of this project is to detect the failure of fuse that employed at the distribution transformer. This failure information is intimated to the concerned person through GSM module. In this project LabVIEW based PIC microcontroller is used along with the voltage sensor to detect fuse failure.
  • Wireless Design for Power Theft MonitoringThis project aims to implement anti-power theft monitoring system using wireless sensor networks. This wireless sensor device is a power metering device of the customer which sends the load information periodically to the controlling station. The controlling station aggregates all the user data and automatically detects the power theft user by comparing extra load consumed than that of actual value.
  • Implementation of Frequency Locked Loop DC Motor Drive SystemThis project implements the LabVIEW based frequency locked loop control algorithm for controlling the speed of DC motor. This project describes capability to maintain the speed stabilisation and regulation in order to recover the rated speed from load change.
  • Power Quality Monitoring and Power Measurements by using Virtual InstrumentationThis proposed project describes the design of power quality measurement and monitoring in LabVIEW environment. Various power quality parameters of voltage, current and power are measured and analyzed in this project using virtual instrumentation techniques.

Electrical Projects using Arduino

  • Data Logger for SolarThe aim of this project is to measure and store the solar energy parameters using Arduino controller. Sensors like LDR, temperature sensor, current sensor and voltage sensor monitors the respective parameters of the solar panel. The acquired data from Arduino controller is transferred to the PC where it is logged.
  • Implementation of an Omni Wheels RobotThis project builds Omni-directional robot which can move in different directions. Arduino controller with motor driver circuit controls the motion of the robot in different angles.
  • Differential Transformer Protection using ArduinoThis project implements the Arduino based differential protection for the transformer in order to protect the transformer from various electrical faults. In this, current transformers along with Arduino controller measure the differential current and if any fault occurs, it operates the relay.
  • Design Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) Data Logger with XbeeThis project demonstrates the design of Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) data logger to read, collect and store the energy consumption of various consumers remotely using Zigbee technology. This design is implemented using Arduino controller and Zigbee communication module.

PLC Based Electrical Projects

  • Control of Boiler Operation using PLC-SCADAThis project achieves the automatic control operation of boiler using PLC and SCADA. Boiler temperature and pressure are continuously monitored using temperature and pressure sensor respectively. The PLC acquires these sensor values and depends on the control algorithm, it controls the actuators. SCADA system enables the remote monitoring and control of boiler operation.
  • PLC Based Intelligent Traffic Control SystemThis project aims to implement an intelligent based traffic control system using sensors and PLC. Photoelectric sensors detect the presence of vehicles on various junctions of the road and give the signals to the PLC. Based on the program in the PLC, it controls the traffic signals.
  • PLC Based Robotic Arm Control SystemThis project implements the robotic ARM control system using PLC for precise control. Programmable logic controller (PLC) is programmed to perform different ARM movements by giving the corresponding signals to motor driver circuit.
  • Implementation of PLC Based Elevator Control SystemThis project describes the implementation of elevator control system using PLC. Hall Effect sensor detects the position of the elevator and gives the corresponding signal to the PLC. According to the program in the PLC, it generates the control signals to the DC motor to control the movements of elevator.
  • Design of PLC and SCADA Based Control Panel for Continuous Monitoring of 3-Phase Induction MotorIn this, an efficient and versatile tool for controlling the induction motor is proposed which control and monitors the speed with high accuracy. A variable Frequency Drive (VFD) based PLC controls the speed of the motor at better regulation. SCADA system for this project is implemented for remote monitoring and control of the speed.
  • PLC Based PID Speed Control SystemThis project deals with the design of intelligent drive controller for AC motor by implementing PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) control scheme. This project achieves the precise control by exactly tuning the PID parameters using Ziegler-Nichols methods.
  • PLC Based Induction Motor Starting and ProtectionIn this project, slip ring induction motor starting, protection and speed control schemes are implemented using programmable Logic controller (PLC). Rotor resistance control method is implemented as starting method while over voltages, over current and over temperature protection schemes are implemented to protect the IM.
  • PLC Based Object Sorting Automation
  • This paper explains about automatic object sorting system that sorts the objects depending on the weight and height  which is controlled by the programmable logic controller. This  is a low cost ,low maintenance and long durability system.
  • Programmable Switching Control using 8051 Microcontroller :This project develops  system that functions similar to the PLC using 8051 microcontroller. Sequential switching of loads is achieved in this project.


  • ARM 7 Based Controller Area Network for Accident Avoidance in Automobiles:The project shows an accident avoidance system. Here this system measures various parameters like speed, distance from other cars, alcohol presence in the cars etc. It sends signal if any of the parameters were changed. This also detects the accident  using bump sensor and  sends  an SMS using GSM.
  • Route Guidance For Blind People Using GSM & GPS Modems:This paper presents a smart electronic aid for blind people. The proposed system uses and ultrasonic sensor for detecting the obstacles in the path.GSM, GPS modules were used  to locate the blind.
  • Brushless DC Motor Design for Electric Traction SystemBLDC motor is used in residential ,commercial and aerospace systems due to its various features. This paper explains the designing of BLDC motor drive.
  • Switched Reluctance Motor for Hybrid Electric Vehicle:Switched reluctance motor is a type of stepper motor that runs by reluctance torque. It  is gaining popularity in application of hybrid electric vehicle. The present project aims at reducing the torque and speed ripple to make it suitable for  hybrid electric vehicle  using non linear controller.
  • Micro Controller Based Ac Power ControllerA single phase PWM inverter is designed in this project. It has features like simple, low cost, compatible size etc.
  • Design and Simulation of Novel Integral Switching Cycle Control for Heating Load:There are two methods employed for   solid state power controls. One is Phase control switching and the other is integral cycle control switching . These two have their own disadvantages. To overcome this a new method  called  integral switching control is proposed in this paper.
  • ATM Terminal Security using Fingerprint Recognition:ATM’s provide convenient banking to the customer. But these days there are security issues in using  ATM’s.This paper develops a method to overcome this  security issue and provides more security to the customer banking. This system uses a finger print scanner for authentication of the customer.
  • Development of Anti rigging Voting System Using Finger Print:Voting is practised on electronic machines now a days. This project provides a voting machine that is reliable and secured. It uses finger print scanner to provide unique identity to every citizen.
  • Fault Acknowledgement System for UPS using GSMThis paper shows the designing of an UPS system that acknowledges faults in the System using GSM technology.
  • Touch Screen GLCD based Digital Devices Control System:This project replaces the mobile devices that operate home appliances  by  touch screens. A touch screen based digital control of devices is shown here.
  • Real-time Posture and Activity Recognition by Smart Shoe:In this paper, we discuss a method for performing automatic posture classification using Artificial Neural Networks operating with fixed point precision arithmetic. The computational time is optimised through application of forward feature selection for determination of the most significant predictors.
  • Load Frequency Control – An ELC based approach:This project shows load frequency  control of a micro grid control system. This system is tested in mat lab/simulink.
  • Internet of Things for Smart Classrooms:This project uses internet of things for smart classrooms where  the  time of students and the teacher g were reduced in maintaining the queues and listening  to  the instructions.
  •  E- Health Care Computing for better Health Monitoring : This project shows an automatic health care system for monitoring the health of the patients. This system uses some wearable sensors and portable wireless devices. Condition of the patient is  transmitted to the doctor and related people using GSM or Bluetooth.
  • Renewable energy based interleaved boost converterRenewable   energy consumption is increasing day by day due to decrease in non renewable energy sources. Among them solar energy is the best source. Boost converters are required to increase the output. Here interleaved converter is  such a converter that has a number of converters connected in parallel. It has very good advantages compared to others in efficiency, reliability etc.
  • Design and Construction of 33/11 KV Line & Substation:This project shows the construction of 33/11kv line and substation.
  •  Active Power Control of Grid-Connected Distributed Generation Unit:Distributed generation using non conventional energy  sources is increased .This paper shows  simple and efficient  a control technique  to get desired power from DG to grid.
  • Three Phase Rectifier with Power Factor Correction Controller:This paper shows  power factor correction of a three phase rectifier using  boost converter. Average current control technique is used in this .Results are verified in mat lab.
  • Remote Surgical Robotics: Control Systems and Human-Machine Interfacing:Here is the remote surgical robot. The main aim of this robot is to detect the surface of  gelatin brain using robot.
  • Simulation Of Three Phase Multilevel Inverter With Reduced Number Of Switches:Multi level inverters can be used in many applications because of their flexibility, easy control, less cost. Though it has many advantages this multi level inverter (MLI) has number of power electronic components. Increased number of switches increases over all loss as switching losses increases. This paper mainly focuses on decreasing the number of switches in MLI.
  • Hybrid Solar Wind Charger:Generally UPS uses supply from the main for its functions. This paper shows a UPS system that uses solar and wind power instead of mains supply as there is energy crisis.
  •  Cyber Security in the Smart Grid:The smart grid is revolutionary in the existing power grid. The smart grid system enhances the future power system. Due to number of inter connected devices, there is a problem in cyber security. This paper focuses on the cyber security in this smart grid.
  • Speed Control of Switched Reluctance Motor Using ANFIS and GA:Switched reluctance motors are best for direct drive applications. But it has some draw backs like high torque ripple, acoustic noise, speed oscillations. This paper proposes a method for using ANFIS and GA u for Drive control.
  • Stability Analysis Using Power System StabilizerThis paper describes the operating performance of Power System Stabilizer (PSS) during different power system case studies. The functional blocks of PSS are developed in Simulink and simulation is carried out. The damping oscillation variation of PSS for the various power system conditions (light, nominal & high load and fault) is carried out and the voltage and reactive power variations are illustrated.
  • Sensor Fault Detection in Induction Motor Using Fuzzy Logic Controller with D-Q Transformation:This paper proposes a method for speed and fault detection in current sensor. It provides isolation to protect the motor from speed  and current sensor failures.
  • Intelligent Control Technique Based Zeta Converter Fed PMDC MotorThis paper deals with the implementation of fuzzy-PI based Zeta converter fed PMDC motor with high efficiency, less total harmonic distortion and good power factor adjustment.
  • Captive Liquid Power SYSTEM:The most known process for generating electricity from water is by storing the water in dams. This paper explains an extension to this method. Initially water is held in captive in an enclosure. Then it is raised to high potential energy using wind or water.
  •  Power System Design for an Electric Car: This project shows the power generation and distribution system of electric car. This  shows  converting a gas powered car into battery powered and uses solar panels to recharge the battery.
  • Star Delta Starter using Adjustable Electronic Timer for Low power Induction MotorThis project aims to provide cost-effective star delta starter for low power three phase induction motor in order to provide low voltage start. This project uses 555 timer in mono-stable mode which drives GTO (Gate Turn-Off) thyristors driver circuit so as to change the mains three phase supply from start to delta.
  • Programmable Switching Control for Industrial Automation in Repetitive Nature of WorkThis project implements the programmable load switching control using microcontroller for applications where repetition of nature of work involved. This project operates in three modes namely manual mode, auto mode and set mode. In manual mode, various loads are controlled by the input given by user by switches or remotely through GSM. In auto mode, loads are switched at regular default timings while in set mode loads are controlled based on the timings set by the user.
  • Automatic Induction Motor Starter with Delay Using MicrocontrollerThis projects implements an automatic induction motor starter using microcontroller which works same as that of DOL starter. The microcontroller continuously monitors the three phases of input supply for over voltage and single phasing conditions and accordingly switches the relays to switch the motor.
  • Microcontroller Based Speed Control of Three Phase Induction Motor using V/F MethodThis proposed project implements the microcontroller based hardware design to control the speed of three phase induction motor using V/F method. By receiving the feedback signal of speed, microcontroller will give PWM signals to the IGBT inverter bridge in order to drive the motor at desired speeds.
  • Power Factor Correction Using PIC MicrocontrollerThis project measures the power factor of the load using PIC microcontroller along with zero voltage and zero current crossing detector circuits. According to the set limits for leading and lagging power factors, microcontroller switches set of capacitors to improve the power factor.
  • Underground Cable Fault Distance LocatorThis project demonstrates a fault locating model which determines the fault that occurs in underground cables using microcontroller. This design uses the concept of Ohms law for detecting the change in voltage across the cable whenever fault or short circuit takes place in the cable.
  • Three Phase Fault Analysis with Auto Reset for Temporary Fault and Trip for Permanent FaultThe objective of this project is to develop an automatic tripping mechanism for both permanent as well as temporary faults that are takes place in three phase system. This project uses 555 timer as a main controller which resumes the load when a temporary fault occurs in three phase system while it makes the load to be remain in tripping mode during permanent fault.
  • Automated Wireless Energy Meter Reading System using GSMThis project implements an Automatic Metering Reading (AMR) System for energy meter without any human intervention for generating the electricity bill. This project uses ARM controller for measuring electricity consumption a given period of time. Further, this billing information is sends to utility companies as well as to the customers using GSM module.
  • BLDC Motor Speed Control with RPM DisplayIn this project the speed a BLDC motor is controlled precisely using microcontroller unit along with the hall position sensor. The microcontroller is programmed in such a way that it compares the actual speed (get from hall sensor) with desired speed and accordingly genrates the PWM signals to the motor driver unit.
  • PC Based Electrical Load ControlThis project uses a personal computer to control various electrical appliances in homes by using microcontroller. Microcontroller acts as a data acquisition and control device which forms the bridge between PC and electrical appliances. Microcontroller receives the command signals from PC and appropriately controls the respective load.
  • Wireless Auto Power Trip during Gas LeakageThis project aims to reduce the fire accidents that are takes place due to gas leakage in the presence electricity. In this project gas sensor monitors the gas leakage which gives the input to microcontroller when it senses the gas leak. Then the microcontroller activates the tripping mechanism to shutdown the power supply. RF module used in this project to transfer the information remotely to the alarm circuit and tripping circuit.
  • Solar Powered Auto irrigation SystemThe main aim of this project is to implement solar based automatic irrigation system for switching the pumping motor depends on the signal from soil moisture sensor. By receiving the signals from the sensor, microcontroller performs the switching of pump using relay.
  • Zigbee Based Home Automation SystemThe aim of this project is to implement a home automation system to control the home appliances remotely using Zigbee technology. Sensors like temperature, LDR and gas detection sensors connected to the microcontroller unit continuously monitors the weather parameters. The home appliances are automatically controlled when these parameters exceeds their set limits. Remote monitoring and control is also facilitated with Zigbee communication.
  • Photovoltaic Panels Monitoring and Solar Energy Measurement SystemThis project monitors the parameters of photovoltaic cells and measures the solar energy generated. A set of sensors along with microcontroller unit continuously monitors the solar energy and also allows the user to access the remote monitoring of these parameters.
  • Smoke and LPG Gas Detection Robot with Wireless ControlThe objective of this project is to design an RF robotic vehicle to detect the LPG and smoke for underground mining applications. The RF communication module attached with robot sends the sensed data to the central monitoring area.
  • Remote Monitoring System for Three-Phase Distribution Transformer using Zigbee In this project, parameters of a three phase distribution transformer are monitored and controlled remotely using Zigbee communication. Transformer parameter like temperature of the oil, oil level, voltage, current, etc are continuously monitored using various sensors. The sensor data is transmitted to the central controller using Zigbee module.
  • Solar Powered LED Street Light with Auto Intensity ControlIn this project, an energy efficient method for street lights is implemented to control the LED street lights. The power generated by the solar panels is stored in batteries during the day time and at the night this energy is supplied to the street lights. As the traffic on roads decreases from peak hours to late nights, this projects controls intensity of street lights based on timings.
  • Wireless Power Transfer System using Magnetic Resonant CouplingThis project transfers the electric power from one circuit to the other without using any conducting medium between them. In this project, magnetic resonant coupling method is implemented to transfer the power from the source to a load.
  • Wireless DC Motor Control using DTMF TechnologyThe idea of this project is to perform wireless speed control of a DC motor from a mobile phone using DTMF technology. DTMF decoder receives the DTMF signals from the remote mobile to control the speed of a DC motor.
  • Cable Inspection Robot using Microcontroller and GPS TrackerThis project implements the underground cable fault detecting mobile robot that can navigate along the underground cable. This inspects fire accidents, obstacles, supply failures, presence of harmful gases, etc of the cable. GPS module facilitates finding of fault location and this information is further transferred to the main controller through the communication module.
  • Induction Motor Speed Control Using Android ApplicationThe objective of this project is to control the speed of a single phase induction motor from Android mobile application. Bluetooth module attached to the control circuit receives the control commands from user mobile. Microcontroller receives these signals and controls the motor speed by varying the triggering pulses to the TRIAC.
  • Wireless Automatic Railway Gate Controlling cum Traffic SignalingIn this project, the level crossing gate as well as railway level crossing traffic lights are controlled using microcontroller unit along with IR sensors. IR sensors at particular positions on the track, gives the input to the microcontroller about the train arrival and departure information. According to these signals microcontroller controls gate operation as well as traffic lights.
  • Wireless Meter with Theft Monitoring and Control SystemThis project aims provide the automatic energy meter reading and to prevent practice of power theft. In this project, the overloading resulted from power theft is detected and this information is conveyed to the authorities through communication network.
  • Patient Monitoring System using GSMIn this project, human body vital parameters like pulse rate, body temperature and saline level are continuously monitored by various sensors using ARM microcontroller. Further, these monitored values will be sent to the remote mobile using GSM modem.
  • Design of a Low-Cost Contact-Less Digital Tachometer This project measures the RPM or speed of a moving object (say motor) without any direct contact with it. The microcontroller receives the IR sensor data, processes it and converts it into RPM. RF communication module transfers this data to remote PC where it is recorded and stored.
  • A Hybrid Wind-Solar Energy SystemThe main aim of this project is to switch the loads to either wind or solar energy source depending on the maximum power generated. This circuit also uses MPPT system for maximum power generation.
  • Smart Phone Based Home Appliance Control This project uses the Smartphone to control the various household appliances such as fans, lights, kitchen appliances, etc. The microcontroller unit along with Bluetooth module receives the control signals from user Smartphone and then controls the home appliances.
  • Automated Water Head Controller for Domestic ApplicationThe aim of this project is to design a water level sensing device using ultrasonic sensor which measures the water level without any direct contact with water. Ultrasonic sensor gives the sensing information to the ATmega controller which further processes the data and indicates the level information.
  • Electric Power Management using Zigbee Wireless Sensor NetworkThe main aim of this project is to implement a system which differentiates and controls the devices in a network on the basis of power consumption of individual appliance. Zigbee communication enables the monitoring the various load consumptions and accordingly controls the load depends on the availability of power.
  • Ultra Fast Acting Electronic Circuit BreakerThis project demonstrates the ultra fast electronic circuit breaker that isolates the load circuit from mains supply at extreme faster rate as compared with bimetallic strip based circuit breaker. PIC microcontroller with current sensor unit detects short circuit or overload and appropriately turns the MOSFET in order to switch the load.
  • Design and Development of Microcontroller Based Solar Charge ControllerThis project implements the solar charge controller circuit which charges the battery with amount of charge coming from solar panel. This circuit also regulates voltage to protect the battery from overvoltage and do not allow the battery to go into deep discharge.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System for Educational Institution:This project aims to build Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system for educational institution based on DTMF technology. Using this system, user can access the information stored in the database by pressing corresponding key on his/her mobile. DTMF decoder with microcontroller unit achieves this operation.
  • Solar Tracking Solar Panel Using ATMEGA8 ControllerThe purpose of this project is to generate the maximum solar energy from the PV panel depends on intensity detected by Light Dependant Resistors. Microcontroller adjusts the direction of solar panel towards the sun based on the signals from LDR.
  • Automated Toll Tax Collection Using GSM and RFIDThis project implements the automatic toll tax collection by facilitating advance registering through SMS. Microcontroller unit with GSM modem receives the request from vehicle owners and sends the acknowledgement including the password to user mobile. At the time vehicle reaching the toll plaza, microcontroller asks for password, upon authentication it deducts the amount from RFID attached to the vehicle automatically, and then opens the gate.
  • Transient Stability Analysis of Power System Using MATLABThe objective of the project is to design the stability analysis of power system as simulation model in simulink/MATLAB. For the assessment of transient stability, a multi-machine system is implemented in this project.
  • Data Logger and Remote Monitoring System for Multiple Parameter Measurement ApplicationsThis project aims to build an embedded system that performs data logging and remote monitoring of various parameters. The environmental parameters like temperature and humidity are monitored with sensors. AVR microcontroller acquires the sensor data and makes a record of it in EEPROM. This project also facilitates to monitor the acquired or logged data through GSM module.
  • Touch Screen Based Wheelchair SystemThis project controls the direction and speed of DC motors which are attached to the wheelchair so that it moves in desired direction. This ARM controller with touch screen enabled design is very helpful for physically disabled persons to control their wheelchair.
  • Simulation Model of Hydro Power Plant Using MATLAB/SimulinkThis project implements the simulation model of hydro power plant with hydro turbine and synchronous generator on MATLAB platform. This work is useful for conducting operating tests as well as for analyzing the results.
  • Battery Monitoring System using MicrocontrollerThis project implements a battery monitoring system for UPS, telephone communication and hybrid electrical vehicle applications. Battery parameters like voltage and temperature continuously monitored using slave microcontroller unit while master controller gathers all the batteries information.
  • Design and Development of a Parabolic Dish Solar Water HeaterThe main aim of this project is to develop the parabolic dish solar water heater for water heating applications. In this embedded electronic circuit is implemented for the parabolic dish to track the sun continuously in order achieve high efficiency.
  • Voice Operated Robotic VehicleThe main objective of this project is to control the movements of robotic vehicle through voice commands of the user. The Speech recognition module along with RF transmitter sends the voice signals to remote robot. RF receiver in the robot correspondingly receives the signals and controls the robot movements.
  • Design and Simulation of Fuzzy Controlled SVC for Transmission LineIn this project Static VAR Compensator scheme is implemented for transmission line based on fuzzy logic. This system controls the reactive power by implementing the firing angle control scheme in MATLAB.
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking for Low Power Photovoltaic Solar PanelsThis project describes the enhancement of power generated by the solar panel using MPPT algorithm. This MPPT (Maximum Power Point Algorithm) implemented on microcontroller in order to maximize the output.
  • Android Mobile Phone Controlled Bluetooth Robot using 8051 MicrocontrollerThis project involves in the designing of Android mobile application controlled robot using microcontroller. Android application based control commands received by Bluetooth module enables the microcontroller to control the DC motor speed and direction.
  • Street Light Glow on Detecting Vehicle Movement using Sensor The main aim of this project is to implement an energy efficient street lighting system which controls the street lights based on the movement of vehicles on the road. Microcontroller with set of IR sensor detects the vehicle movement and with this sensed data microcontroller switches the street lights.
  • Footstep Power Generation using Piezoelectric SensorsThis proposed system presents the usage of piezoelectric sensors to generate the power from human foot pressure. The power generated from the piezoelectric sensors is stored in the battery and inverter converts the battery voltage (DC) to load operating voltage (AC). Microcontroller unit measures the power generated by these sensors and accordingly displays the amount of power generated.
  • Speed Synchronization of Multiple Motors using MicrocontrollerThis project uses RF communication to synchronize the multiple motors in an industry. In this, all the motors are equipped with RF transceiver module along with microcontroller unit. This arrangement causes to change the speed of remaining motors if speed of the one motor is changed.
  • Head Movements based Wireless Device Switching The main aim of this project is to switch the electrical loads or devices based on the head movements of a person using MEMS sensor. This type of project is helpful for physically challenged and paralyzed persons.
  • Bidirectional Rotation of an Induction Motor with a Remote Control Device This project aims to control the speed and direction of induction motor using TV remote. IR sensors and microcontroller unit are used in this project to receive the signals from TV remote. A relay driver is connected to the microcontroller unit to change the direction of motor.
  • Hall Effect Sensor Based Portable Tachometer for RPM MeasurementThis project deals with the implementation of portable, accurate and contactless tachometer using linear Hall Effect sensor. This sensor produces the number of pulses per revolution which are given as input to the microcontroller unit. Microcontroller measures these pulses per minute in order to give the RPM display.
  • Wireless Load Control Device using GSM ModuleThe intention of designing this project is to make more convenient and time saving method to control the loads from remote places. This project uses GSM module with microcontroller unit to receive user control commands to switch ON/OFF the particular load.
  • Design and Implementation of IGBT Based Single Phase AC Drive using PIC 18F452This project implements single phase AC drive to control the speed of induction using PIC microcontroller. A constant voltage per hertz technique is implemented in this project by generating PWM pulses to drive the IGBTs.
  • On-Line Monitoring and Analysis of Faults in Transmission and Distribution Lines using GSMThis project uses the GSM technology to convey the fault information of transmission and distribution lines to utility department. In this project microcontroller unit along with sensors detects the faults that are takes place in power lines.
  • Wireless Temperature Data logger Using ZigbeeThis project develops a temperature data logger system using microcontroller and Zigbee communication module. A temperature sensor with ADC enables the continuous acquiring of temperature data at the field side where Zigbee transmitter module is employed. At the receiver side, Zigbee receiver with microcontroller unit receives and logs the temperature data.
  • Microcontroller Based Active and Reactive Power MeasurementThis design aims to measure and indicate the active and reactive power of an electrical system using PIC microcontroller. With the help of input from zero crossing detector circuit, PIC microcontroller calculates these two parameters and stores the data in EEPROM.
  • Simulation of Extra High Voltage Long Transmission LinesIn this project, simulation of EHV long transmission lines is performed in order to analyze various parameters and circuit condition under normal working conditions.
  • Microcontroller Based Modified SEPIC Converter for Driving Lamp with Power Factor CorrectionThis project presents a topology of Single-Ended Primary Inductance Converter (SEPIC) with half bridge inverter to feed the electrode less fluorescent lamp. This project improves the power factor and reduces the total harmonic distortion.
  • Substation Monitoring and Control using ZigbeeThe objective of this project is to develop the remote monitoring and control system for substation using Zigbee module. Various parameters of the distribution transformer in substation are continuously monitored using Zigbee module. Zigbee receiver at the main station acquires these parameters and takes action accordingly.
  • A Transformer-less Voltage Quadrupler DC-DC Converter with Low Switch Voltage StressIn this project implements the interleaved quadrupler voltage DC-DC converter to achieve high voltage gain and to reduce current ripples and conduction losses. This design uses three stage interleaved boost converter with voltage quadruoler circuits.
  • Power System Stability Enhancement by Simultaneous AC-DC Power Transmission The main aim of this project is to present the simulation of simultaneous AC-DC power transmission by superimposing DC on AC. This project replaces the parallel AC-DC transmission by converting double circuit AC into composite AC-DC transmission line. This work is simulated in MATLAB platform.
  • Analysis of DC-DC Converters for Renewable Energy SystemThis project analyses the selection of DC-DC converter with transformer to produce the desirable characteristics for electrolyser applications using MATLAB. In this, ripple-free regulated output is produced by the DC-DC converter.
  • Simulation and Comparison of SPWM and SVPWM Control for Three Phase InverterThis project deals with the modeling of Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation (SVPWM) technique which effectively uses the DC bus voltage and produce the less harmonic content as compared with Sinusoidal PWM technique. This model is simulated using Simulink/MATLAB and results are compared with SPWM technique.
  • Modeling of Induction Motor and Fault AnalysisIn this work, induction machine model is implemented in Simulink/MATLAB to analyze the motor performance and for effectively diagnosing the rotor faults. This analysis is carried out for single, double and three bar broken rotor faults.
  • Improved AC-AC Converter For Induction Heating ApplicationsThis MATLAB based project simulates the single-switch parallel resonant converter (improved AC to AC converter) to produce high frequency currents for induction heating applications. The analyzed results are compared with existing half and full bridge inverter topologies.
  • Solar Powered Mobile Charger Using Buck ConverterThis project aims to build solar powered mobile charger circuit using synchronous buck converter. The DC power obtained from the PV array is synthesized and modulated using this buck converter in order to meet the load requirements.
  • Modeling & Simulation of Doubly-Fed Induction Generator for Variable Speed Wind Energy Conversion Systems The objective of this project is to model and simulate the double-fed induction generator in the MATLAB Simulink environment. Based on the vectorized dynamic approach, DFIG model is described in this project.
  • Automation of Coal Handling Plant of a Power Generation Unit using PIC MicrocontrollerThis project demonstrates the automation of coal handling plant of a thermal power generation unit using proximity sensors and PIC microcontroller. Based on proximity sensors signal, microcontroller controls the speed of stepper motor which further drives the conveyor belt. This also implements the interlock facility in motors to provide the safety.
  • Speed Control of Universal Motor Using MicrocontrollerA TRIAC and microcontroller based circuit is implemented in this project to control the speed of universal motor. Microcontroller provides the phase angle control of TRIAC which varies the power through universal motor.
  • Conductor Temperature and Sag Monitoring System using Zigbee and GSM This project aims to measure and monitor the sag and temperature of high voltage overhead conductor using sensors without making any interruption to the continuous power supply. These sensed parameter values are send to the central monitoring station using Zigbee module and also to the authorized persons using GSM module.
  • Implementation of Programmable Automatic Voltage RegulatorThe main aim of this project is to implement Programmable Automatic Voltage Regulator (PAVR) using microcontroller. This project achieves the stabilization of output voltage with the deviation of input voltage from 100 to 340 volts.
  • GSM Based Automated Embedded System for Monitoring and Controlling of Smart GridThis project demonstrates the remote monitoring of smart grid parameters using GSM module. Electrical parameters like voltage, current, power and frequency are acquired by the data acquisition device. These real time values are periodically send to authorized persons through GSM network.
  • Measurement of Air Breakdown Voltage and Electric Field using Standard Sphere Gap MethodIn this project, air breakdown voltages and electric field of the high voltage equipment are measured by using sphere gap method for the measurement of high voltages.
  • Calculation and Analysis of Transformer Inrush Current of TransformerIn this work, analytical formulas are implemented to calculate the inrush current in transformer. And then the effect of switching angle variation, remnant flux and energizing circuit impedances on inrush current characteristics are analyzed using MATLAB.
  • Inductance Capacitance and Frequency (LCF) Meter The main aim of this project is to implement a portable instrument to measure inductance, capacitance and frequency. This two probe device is implemented using PIC microcontroller with additional circuitry for accurately measuring and displaying these parameters.
  • Circuit Breaker Based Feeder Pillar with Over current and Earth-Fault Protection This project aims to design and simulate the 415V AC feeder pillar with earth fault, overload and over current protection using earth leakage CB, three phase overload relay and sequence relay. This design and simulation is performed on MATLAB platform.
  • A Domestic Robot for Security Systems Using Zigbee TechnologyThis project aims to build a robotic vehicle that can enhance the security at homes. This project achieves the door locking system with active input from ultrasonic sensor and PIR sensors. A camera attached to this system enables the remote monitoring using Zigbee technology.

For more knowledge on various projects ideas, visit the following pages:

100+ Solar Energy Projects for Engineering Students | Renewable Energy Components Shop Bangladesh

As an engineering student in Bangladesh, finding the right solar energy project idea for your project or competition can be challenging. That’s why we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of 100+ solar energy projects covering a wide range of topics, including solar-powered cars, smart homes, and water heaters.

At, the leading renewable energy components shop in Bangladesh, we have all the components you need to get started on your solar energy projects. From solar panels and charge controllers to inverters and batteries, we have everything you need to bring your projects to life.

Our list of solar energy projects is designed to help you explore the capabilities of renewable energy and develop your skills in designing and implementing solar energy systems. With step-by-step instructions and code examples, you’ll be able to build a wide range of projects that demonstrate your knowledge and creativity.

Whether you’re looking for a solar energy project for your engineering project or competition, our list of 100+ solar energy projects is the perfect resource. Get your renewable energy components from, the leading renewable energy components shop in Bangladesh, and start building your solar energy projects today.

EH Solar Projects

  1. Design of Solar Inverter Circuit for Homes: The idea of this project is to aid hobbyist to design their own solar inverter to convert the power obtained (DC) from solar panel to operate the home appliances (AC Power) by using fewer components.
  2. Solar Tracking Solar Panel Using ATMEGA8 Controller: Based on the light intensity detected by Light Dependant Resistors (LDR’s), this project automatically adjusts the solar panel in the direction of maximum light from the sun using AVR ATMEGA controller.To buy this project
  3. Implementation of Solar Battery Charger Circuit: The energy generated from the solar panel must charge battery in an appropriate way. So this implemented circuit regulates voltage and current to the battery with overvoltage cutoff facility.

Solar Arduino Projects

  1. Solar Arduino Snake: This is fun project ,which utilises arduino board and solar panel.Step wise procedure is shown here for construction of snake.
  2. Telemetry with Solar Cell: Telemetry with solar cells is being expalined here.It uses zigbee modules and arduino for transmitting and receiving the data.
  3. Arduino Solar Charge Controller: Arduino is the main heart of the charge controller.It senses the voltages from solar panel and the battery. Accordingly it charges the battery and control the load.
  4. Development of Dual-Axis Solar Tracking using Arduino with Lab VIEW: This project aims to track the sun and maximize the output produced by a solar panel using Arduino uno controller and LabVIEW HMI. This uses a set of light depend resistors to detect the maximum light source location.
  5. Flashlight Controlled Solar Powered Robot using Arduino: This project implements a light gradient sensitive robotic vehicle which is powered by solar energy. This project can be useful for controlling the robot based on flash light sensing by using Arduino controller.

Solar Wireless Projects

  1. Wireless Solar Charger: This project shows a wireless solar charger that can charge the mobile phones.
  2. Solar Based Advanced Water Quality Monitoring System Using Wireless Sensor Network: This project monitors the quality of water using solar powered underwater wireless sensor network technology. The parameters like pH, oxygen level and turbidity at every node (powered by solar panel) of a wireless sensor network is sent to the base station.
  3. Forest Fire Detection Using Optimized Solar Powered Wireless Sensor Networks: There is no availability of electricity in forests. Therefore, this projects implements solar powered Zigbee wireless sensor network with appropriate microcontroller based circuit to detect the forest fires.
  4. Solar Based Wireless Power Transfer: This project presents the transfer of power wirelessly using a renewable energy resource i.e., solar power. Solar panels convert the light energy into electrical energy which will be stored in the batteries. Further this energy is transmitted to the receiving end in the form of electromagnetic waves.

Solar Battery Projects

  1. Solar Lipoly Charger:This project shows the charging of a lithium polymer battery uisng a 5v or 6v solar panel.
  2. Effective Battery Charging System by Solar Energy using C Programming and Microcontroller: This project shows the battery charging system which regulates the electricity flowing between storage battery and charging output.
  3. Solar Powered Fans: This article shows the conversion of battery powered fans into solar powere fans.
  4. Solar Lantern: This latern utilises solar energy to charge NiMH battery which can lit up 1 watt white LED in the night.
  5. Battery Charger For Wind And Solar Energy Conversion Conversion System Using Buck Converter: The present paper proposes a basic method of improving the charging of battery banks.
  6. FPGA Based Battery Energy Storage System Using Solar Cells: This paper explains a FPGA based battery energy storing system using solar cells.
  7. Solar Battery Charging Indicator: This article shows the circuit that monitors the solar battery charging.It doesnot tell the state of solar panel.
  8. Solar Window Charger Circuit: The window charger proposed here can be used to charge a LI ion battery.It can stick to glass window by placing the panel outside the window and a usb cable can be used to charge the battery.
  9. DIY Solar Boost Converter with MPPT Charge Controller: Here is a simple solar boost converter & voltage limiter that charges a 12V battery from a 6V solar panel.
  10. Design of Simple Solar Charger Circuit for Mobiles: This project aims to design a simple solar charger for mobiles by utilizing the solar energy from the sun. It uses simple regulator circuit with basic electronic components in order to supply the constant voltage to the battery.
  11. Solar Charging Handbag: This project allows to charge electronic gadgets like mobile phones, ipods, etc. by a solar battery charger which is attached to the handbag or backpack.
  12. Lead-Acid-Battery Regulator For Solar Panel Systems: This simple project design develops a circuit which regulates the power supplied from solar collector in order to divert the surplus energy in the event of much sunshine.

Solar LED Projects

  1. Solar-Powered Home Lighting System: This system shows an efficient way of utilising the solar power and the LED lighting system.
  2. Solar PV Powered Energy Efficient LED Lighting System for a Class Room: This paper shows a lighting system using solar PV energy.
  3. Solar LED Road Marker: Roads are marked with reflective road-stud for safety.However on busy roads are harder to see. The road maker proposed here has automatic switching function, realized using the combination of a LED driver circuitry, re-chargeable cell, and small solar panel.

Solar Inverter Projects

  1. Solar inverter using sg3525: Construction of solar inverter using pulse width controller sg3525 is explained in this project.
  2. Portable Solar Power Inverter: A portable solar powered inverter that keeps away darkness all the time was proposed here.
  3. Quasi-Z-Source Solar Inverter Fed BLDC Drive: A solar powered quasi Z-source inverter with PIC controlled brushless DC motor is implemented by this project which also includes MPPT controller to produce maximum energy from solar panel.

Solar IoT Projects

  1. Solar Tracker with Live Data Feed – Windows IoT: This project is a solar tracker with live data feed which is powered by windows IOT running on raspberry pi-2.
  2. Solar Panel Dual Management System: This project proposes an Iot based solar panel management system.Mainly the dust accumalation on the solar panel will reduce its efficiency,theft of soalr panels is also increasing these days.These two aspects were considered in this project.

Solar Microcontroller Projects

  1. Maximum Power Point Tracking for Low Power Photovoltaic Solar Panels: The main objective of this project is to maximize the output produced by a solar panel by implementing MPPT (Maximum Power Point Algorithm) on a microcontroller unit.
  2. Solar Energy Measurement System: The solar cell parameters like voltage and currents are constantly monitored and measured by this type of project design. Current and voltage sensors with appropriate ADCs are interfaced to the microcontroller unit in order to measure the solar energy.
  3. PIC Microcontroller Based Solar Water Heating System: This design describes the implementation of solar energy exploitation system for solar water heating system by using PIC microcontroller based circuit.

Other Projects

  1. SCR Based SSS Solar Charge Control:An SCR based solar charger circuit is proposed in this circuit.
  2. Off Grid Solar System:The off grid solar system shows the installation of solar panel system at home.
  3. Solar Radio:This is the simple project where the radio is powered by a solar panel.
  4. Solar Powered Air Conditioning Unit:Here is the project that uses solar power for air conditioning unit.
  5. How to Make A Solar iPod/iPhone Charger:This project shows the solar charger that can charge iPod/iPhone.This is a portable charger
  6. Solar Plane: This DIY article shows the Construction of a plane that uses solar energy.
  7. Design and Cost Analysis of PV System Using Nano Solar Cell: This paper shows the designing of PV system using nano solar cells.As the generation of electricity from light is very costly ,this paper also presents the cost analysis of PV system using nano technology.
  8. Fabrication of Embedded System for Dust Removal on Solar Photo Voltaic Cell:Many factors effect the solar panel from producing maximum energy.One of such factors I shadowing or dust on the panel.This project shows the designing of an embedded system for for dust removal on solar panel.
  9. Soil Erosion Prevention by Sustainable Phytoremediation Process using Solar Irrigation and Fertilisation System: This paper proposes a system which monitors the PH level and soil moisture using soalr panel as power source.Thus it protects the soil errosion.
  10. Electric Energy Management and Engineering in Solar Cell System:This paper on electrical energy management in solar cell system discusses about two topics i.e how to keep the system sustainable to supply electrical load and sustainability to deliver energy perspective.
  11. Fresh Water Production by Desalination Of Sea Water Using Solar Energy: This paper shows the production of fresh water from the sea water desalination using solar energy.
  12. Remote Village Electrification Through Renewable Solar Energy: This paper shows the case study of electrification of the village using renewable solar energy.
  13. Solar Energy as a Primary Source of Energy for a Cloud Server: The aim of this paper is to offer and scientifically confirm a proposal of an accessibility solution of cloud by implementing of solar energy as a primary source.
  14. Virtual Prototyping of The Solar Tracking Systems: A research in the field of improving the efficiency of the solar energy conversion by using tracking systems is presented here.Main aim is to change the position of the solar panel correlated to the sun position for maximising the radiation degree of use.
  15. Storing Thermal Energy from Solar Collectors for the Needs of a Detached House: This paper evaluates the possibility of meeting a single family need for hot water and heat round the year using only solar energy.
  16. Design of Energy Efficient Sensors: This paper focuses on generation of electricity through photo voltaic cells using dual axis system.
  17. DIY Solar Air Heater Boxes: This Article shows step by step procedure of building a solar heater box for a home.
  18. Solar Bag: This is simple Solar bag project.Using this bag one can charge all the devices with a removable power bank.
  19. Parabolic Solar Oven: A parabolic shaped Solar voen is constructed here.It can boil one liter of water in 15-20 minutes and can cook for 3 people in 50 minutes.A step by step procedure for construction of this oven is hsown here.
  20. Programmable Smart Solar Oven: A proggramable smart oven is shown here.It can turn towards the sun fro certain amount of time until the food is cooked.Then it turns away from the sun.
  21. Solar Lawn Mower: This lawn mower proposed here uses solar energy for mowing the lawn grass.
  22. Solar Cockroach Virbobot: This is simple DIY project that uses a vibrator and a solar cell.The are arranged in the shape of a cock roach.
  23. Solar Night Light: Solar night lamp uses the solar energy to power up the night lamp.
  24. How To Make a Solar Car: This project shows the making of a simple solar car.
  25. Solar Bug: This project utilises a super capcitor and a solar cell for the bug
  26. Solar Roller: This solar roller is a fun project which stores the power and discharges it with a movement.
  27. How To Build A Basic Portable Solar Power System: In this video a basic portbale solar power system is shown which can be used for camping,boats,motor-homes etc.
  28. Solar UPS Controller/ Automatic Transfer Switch: This project shows a small box which can utilise the solar energy in a small scale.I t has wifi and hooks into home automation.
  29. Study Of Solar Air Heater Energy And Efficiency Using Computational Fluid Dynamics: Solar air heater a collection of solar energy from the sun and which in turn heats the room.This paper studies and analyse the details of flow field using computational fluid dynamics.
  30. Solar Power Water Pumping System: Solar water pumping system consists of PV array,DC motor,helical rotor.This paper analyses the performance of this water pumping system.
  31. Efficient Conversion of Solar Energy to Biomass and Electricity: The solar energy can be converted into biomass and electricity.The two methods were combined and full solar spectrum is utilised for producing the micro algae systems.
  32. Plasmonic Conversion of Solar Energy: The plasmonic conversion of solar energy is proposed in this paper.This finds an efficient way of converting the solar energy into electricity.
  33. Application of Solar Energy for Lighting in Opencast Mines: This paper explains about lighting system using solar panel in opencast mines. Illumination in mines is a major requirement but the there is a rapid increase in the price of fossil fuels and diesel.So this paper helps in improving the lighting system.
  34. Solar Light For A Portable Toilet: This project shows the circuit of solar light for portable toilet.
  35. Solar Compass with Oled Display: Here is the solar compass circuit with Oled display.This is not influenced by the magnetic field unlike regular magnetic compass.
  36. Solar Array Design: This video shows the design of solar array design where mini solar panels are used.
  37. Portable Solar Tracker: Here is the DIY project explaining the portable solar tracker.
  38. DIY Solar Birdhouse Light: The circuit presented here is a mini solar based lighting system and is economical.
  39. Solar Powered Auto Irrigation System: The proposed irrigation system uses photo-voltaic cell to produce the electrical energy by converting the solar energy from sun. This derived energy is further utilized for controlling the pump sets based on the soil moisture content.
  40. Solar Powered Coir Provostor: The concept behind this design is to reduce the fuel required by heavy vehicles to dry the coir obtained from coconut. This project uses solar panel with MPPT controller to energize the DC motor in order to drive the vehicle.
  41. GSM Based Flexible Calling System for Coal Mining Workers: The aim of this project is to help the coal mine workers in emergency situations to be able to contact with centralized control room even at power failure conditions due to the solar energy utilization for circuit working.
  42. Farmer Friendly Solar Based Electric Fence for Rural Agriculture: Electric fences are practical as well as economical solutions for maximized field production. This idea of the project helps the farmers so that their fields, farmlands, etc are safeguarded. This project uses solar panels to charge the batteries.
  43. Beam Circuit Solar Engine: This is a simple type of robot design that uses solar energy to drive the actuator system. The mounted solar panel charges the set of capacitor by utilizing energy from the sun and then capacitors discharge their energy to drive the robot or simply an actuator.
  44. Portable Solar Powered Radio: This simple DIY project helps to build simple solar power circuit for operating the radio with use of small solar panel instead of replacing discharged batteries every time.
  45. Self-Powered Solar Data Logger: In this project, solar insulation levels and temperature levels are continuously measured by the respective sensor and stored in flash memory. This logged data can be useful for future analysis.
  46. A Hybrid Wind-Solar Energy System: This project allows two sources to supply load power depending on the availability of the source i.e., either solar or wind source. This circuit also implements MPPT algorithm for maximum power.
  47. Wearable Solar Based Cool Cap: The main aim of this design is to prevent sunstrokes and to lower the temperature by attaching small fans to the wearable caps with small solar panel in order to supply the power to circuit.
  48. A Project on Solar Chimney: The natural way of keeping the building cool is the usage of solar chimney. Until the sunlight availability, this chimney naturally keeps ventilation to fill the cold air inside of chimney.
  49. Solar powered Induction Motor Driven Water Pump Operating on a Desert Well: This project uses a photovoltaic fed water pumping system which delivers the water from desert well by employing induction motor pump.
  50. Solar Based High Efficient Vacuum Cleaner: This is an energy efficient model of vacuum cleaner which uses solar energy to create a partial vacuum in order to suck the dirt and dust particles.
  51. Solar Powered Path Finding Vehicle: The main idea of this project is to implement a path finding robot which follows the desired path by avoiding obstacles in that path.
  52. Solar Power Based Industrial Boiler Controller: This project controls the heating element of industrial boiler by sensing the temperature based on the requirement. Solar panels provide the necessary heating requirement of boiling.
  53. High Efficiency Photovoltaic Source Simulator with Fast Response Time: This study presents the simulator tool for maximum power point tracking algorithms and solar power conditioning systems by a high efficient photovoltaic source simulator.
  54. Solar Powered Automated Fertigation Control System for Cultivation in Green House: This developed system turns the ON/OFF injector for fertilizer mixing and also controls the irrigation pumps for setting regular irrigation frequency by using the power from solar panels.
  55. Sunlight Powered Steam Engine: The concept of this project is to design a reciprocating engine powered with solar energy. The sunlight energy with sufficient heat fallen on to metal tube converts the water into steam.
  56. Design of Solar Energy Meter: It is a simple project which determines the energy generated by the solar panel. If the solar power generated is sufficient to drive the load, this circuit doesn’t allow the power from AC line otherwise remaining amount (in case of less power from PV cells) will be drawn from AC load.
  57. Series & Parallel Solar Circuit Modeling and Analysis: The purpose of this theory is to perform the detailed analysis on dynamic behavior of the solar cells using simulations methods.
  58. Solar Powered Fans: This article shows the conversion of battery powered fans into solar powere fans.
  59. Solar Lantern: This latern utilises solar energy to charge NiMH battery which can lit up 1 watt white LED in the night.
  60. Solar-Powered Pedestal Lighting System: The solar powered pedestial lighting system uses high powered LEDs.The solar energy is stored in the battery and used at night for pedestal lighting system.
  61. Turn Off Battery Charging from Solar Panel at Nightfall: When the battery connected to the solar panel is charged in day time it starts discharging partially at night.The proposed circuit protects the panel from this voltage.
  62. Solar Powered LED Street Light with Auto Intensity Control: This is an energy efficient method of street lighting which uses solar energy to power-up the LED Street light by storing electrical energy in battery during the day time. During nights the stored energy supplied to LED Street lights with auto intensity control based on timings.
  63. Design of Solar Powered Night Lamp Circuit: This project implements a simple solar powered night lamp that turns OFF and ON automatically during sunset and sunrise respectively. During the day time it charges the battery and at night time it utilizes the stored energy to power the lamp (LED).
  64. Design of Solar Electric Bicycle: The solar panel attached to the bicycle helps to charge the battery. So this project charges the battery from the solar panel, further this battery power can be utilized for glow-up the lamps, horns, etc.
  65. Solar Powered Automatic Rain Operated Wiper: The main aim of this project is to operate the wiper of any vehicle by automatically sensing the rain. It uses a solar panel to charge the battery so that entire circuit is supplied with battery power.

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Looking for Arduino project ideas for your final year? Check out our list of 200+ Arduino projects collected from renowned electronics project websites. These projects cover a wide range of topics in robotics, electronics, and IoT. Get your components from, the leading robotics and electronics shop in Bangladesh.

Description: Are you a final year student in Bangladesh looking for unique and challenging Arduino project ideas? Look no further than our comprehensive list of 200+ Arduino projects collected from renowned electronics project websites. Our list covers a wide range of topics, including robotics, electronics, and IoT, providing something for everyone.

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Our list of Arduino projects is designed to help you explore the capabilities of this powerful platform and develop your skills in electronics and programming. With step-by-step instructions and code examples, you’ll be able to build a wide range of projects that demonstrate your knowledge and creativity.

Whether you’re a student looking to showcase your skills or a hobbyist looking for your next project, our list of 200+ Arduino projects is the perfect resource. Get your components from, the leading robotics and electronics shop in Bangladesh, and start building today.

Simple Arduino Projects with Code [Latest]

Published in 2021

  1. How to Design an Arduino Nokia 5110 LCD Menu?
  2. A Tutorial on Interfacing 128×64 Graphical LCD with Arduino
  3. Interfacing Nokia 5110 LCD with Arduino | Hookup Guide

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  1. Arduino PIR Sensor Tutorial|PIR Motion Sensor with Arduino
  2. Arduino Real Time Clock Tutorial using DS1307
  3. DIY RGB LED Matrix
  4. Arduino 7 Segment Display Interface
  5. Arduino 8×8 LED Matrix
  6. Arduino DC Motor Control using L298N

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  1. How to Interface Arduino with MALTAB
  2. DIY Arduino & Bluetooth Controlled Robotic Arm
  3. DIY Arduino Christmas Tree Lights using LEDs
  4. Hand Gesture Controlled Robot using Arduino
  5. Getting Started with ESP8266 and Arduino
  6. Obstacle Avoiding Robot using Arduino
  7. Getting Started with Arduino and MPU6050
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  9. Using Arduino with Python|Controlling Arduino’s LED with Python
  10. Heartbeat sensor using Arduino
  11. Arduino Line Follower Robot
  12. Robotic ARM Arduino
  13. Voice Activated Home Automation
  14. Arduino Based Home Automation Using TV Remote
  15. Arduino Controlled Power Outlet
  16. Arduino Capacitance Meter
  17. DHT11 Humidity Sensor Arduino
  18. Use 5v Relay Arduino
  19. Arduino Based Color Detector
  20. Touch Dimmer Switch Circuit Using Arduino
  21. Wireless Door Bell
  22. Stepper Motor Control Using Arduino

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  1. Arduino Home Automation Using RF
  2. Arduino Mail Notifier
  3. Arduino and RF Transmitter Receiver Module
  4. Arduino Calculator
  5. Arduino RFID Reader
  6. Arduino Relay Control
  7. Arduino Traffic Light Controller
  8. Frequency Counter Using Arduino
  9. Arduino Servo Motor
  10. DC Motor Control With Arduino
  11. Rotary Encoder With Arduino
  12. Arduino 4-Digit 7-Segment LED Display
  13. Arduino based Digital Thermometer
  14. Arduino Solar Tracker
  15. Arduino Light Sensor
  16. Portable Ultrasonic Range Meter
  17. GSM Based Home Security Alarm System Using Arduino
  18. Arduino Alarm Clock
  19. How To Make A Tilt Sensor With Arduino?
  20. Digital Arduino Voltmeter
  21. Speed and Direction Control of DC Motor using Arduino
  22. Interfacing LCD with Arduino
  23. Basic Arduino Tutorials For Beginners
  24. Arduino Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
  25. How to Write Arduino Code for Beginners?
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  27. Arduino Program Analysis
  28. How To Program Arduino?
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Latest Arduino Projects

  • DIY Arduino powered GoPro Panning Rig:This is a demo and overview of my Arduino powered camera panning rig. It used a Arduino Uno, LCD button shield, 5v Stepper motor & driver and a bunch of misc hardware.
  • Smart Sock Augments Existing Prostheses’ Abilities:The prosthetic limbs available today are lack of sensation. Many researches were going on about this. This project describes the development of smart prosthetic sock that has ability to sense, i.e. it can tell about pressure applied, foot it is being touched etc.
  • Shining Back Live Set Blows Your Mind with Light and Sound:Shining back is a grid structure having leads that switches to the Duo’s live rhythms. This application runs on Arduino UNO and uses Mad mapper, module8 software.
  • The Gooniebox Challenges Guests to Solve Its Riddles:Here a puzzle box is designed by using the Arduino board for the entertaining the guests. The participant must unlock the treasure box present at the bottom by pressing the button and other interactions.
  • Cutting Cable with Scissors and Arduino:An automatic cable cutter at very lost is designed here. Manual cutting of this wire is time taking as the business grows, but at the same time industrial cutters are very costly. Here 3D printed wires were used for feeding the wire to the scissors.
  • A DIY Autonomous Ford Focus… Or Is It?:This projects gives a demo on automation of ford focus car. This system uses five cameras, ultrasonic sensors and Arduino. Each camera has its own Arduino board. All these are connected to a master system. Inside the car micro view is connected to ensure that this is working fine.
  • Flip frame Is a Rotating Digital Picture Frame:Here a rotating digital picture frame is designed from the discarded LCD TV. This uses raspberry pi and the Arduino. Raspberry pi is used to display the images sideways and Arduino is used to flip the screen.
  • Square Off Is a Chess Board with A High-Tech Twist:The chess board designed here allows you to play the chess on board with anyone in the world. This is a smartest, connected chess board. It is designed using Arduino as its core.
  • Self-Driving Tricycle:The self-driving tricycle drives itself by a command without control of the operator. Use of tricycle reduces our dependence on fossil fuels.
  • Collector is a Kind of Reality Re-Mixer:The system proposed here collects the loud sounds from its surroundings and plays them back by eliminating the silence. It plays the sounds in the order it has collected. This system also had a rotating robotic stereo microphone.
  • Ping Pong FM:A fun musical game is designed in this project. The ping pong FM is a table tennis played per the song played. Players can choose their own song. If the ball is missed, song slows down automatically.
  • Check the Traffic Autonomously On a Modified Clock:This project shows a smart wall clock that shows the traffic intensity on the roads. This clock consists of 12 RGB LEDs which turns red when the traffic is heavy and green when traffic density is low. These LEDs were controlled by the Arduino Uno board. The Arduino 1sheeld connected to the smart phone acquires the data about traffic from the internet. Accordingly, LEDs were switched.
  • Galaga Revived as a 4/5 Scale Mame MachineGalaga MAME arcade machine is a game built using raspberry pi and MAME software. This project shows the building of this machine using an old CRT. An automated remote control is designed for this using Arduino and IR LEDs in order to switch it on and change from TV to AV mode.
  • A Sheet Metal Arduino MP3 Alarm Clock: The alarm clock shown in this project   is equipped with   Arduino, MP3 player, RTC. It is using a 3.2 inch touch screen display. This set up is placed in a metal sheet. It plays the music and shows the current song and time.
  • Build Your Own Electronic Drum Kit Using an Arduino Mega: This project shows building an electronic drum kit using Arduino mega. The nine-set drum kit shown here is build using readily available components.
  • Electro Pollock: The “Electro Pollock” is a special drawing machine that activates according to the music played. Music is analyzed by an algorithm that activates the servo motors with brushes, fan to spray the painting, electrical valves.
  • Arduino Thumb Piano: The Arduino thumb piano employs Arduino Uno, some metal rods and accelerometer. A beautiful music can be played from this instrument. It is named as kalimbo.
  • Electronic Message in a Bottle:This project shows building a circuit inside the bottle using LEDs. The scrolling message is displayed in the bottle. Here is how one can build a circuit inside the bottle.
  • LCD with DS3231 Real Time Clock Module: This project gives the description of Clock using RTC and Arduino. Here DS3231 is used. RTC can count the time and date even in the absence of power.
  • Smart Gaming (Ensorinstituut): Smart gaming is very useful to control the children from playing games for long time. Time for which a child can play a game is set. If the time is reached screen is becomes invisible and game stops automatically. A notification message is sent to the parent indicating the time ,when their child started playing the game.D25
  • Food Detector: The proposed project detects the food. Generally, the types of food are detected by measuring its resistance. Name of the food is displayed on the LCD.
  • Sigfox Talking Plant: The talking plant is designed such that it speaks on the twitter. Sigfox is a network that connects the plant to internet. One can monitor the messages from the plant in the internet.
  • The Traffic Light: Traffic lights are designed using Arduino in this project. In this project Led lights were used as traffic lights. The sequence of lights is processed by the Arduino.
  • The Inventive Toothbrush: A smart brush which sends a notification to parents when brushes his/her tooth is explained here. This inventive brush plays a pleasant music, when child is brushing. It also gives some instructions for a good brushing behaviour.
  • Singing Arduino: This project consists of an Arduino playing music. A web page is present in which one can select the songs to be played. Time can also be set to play the song at particular time.
  • Smart Plastic Container: Smart plastic container monitors the stock kept inside it. It sends a notification to the user using it. It also updates the same in the web page.
  • Add a $15 Display to the Raspberry Pi: This projects shows how to connect a OLED display to the raspberry pi. Raspberry pi is a mini computer; it is sometimes requiring display connected to it.
  • Transport checker (Ensorinstituut): Transport checker will send a notification to the mobile which is connected to the public transport network. Details like bus number, time of arrival etc. were sent to the user mobile.
  • DIY Flight Instruments for Horizon and Compass: Motion sensor MPU6050 is visualised by using a flight simulator in this project.
  • Excel Arduino Remote (Proof of Concept): This project shows the concept of connecting Arduino to the excel sheet. A step by step procedure is explained here.
  • Free Parking for You (Ensorinstituut): This system designed here shows a free parking spot in an area. It also sends a message if the spot is occupied.
  • Arduino Clock with Neopixel Ring Animation: The project shows the Arduino clock using RTC IC. Time is displayed using a neopixel ring. Neopixel ring is beautiful arrangement of leds.
  • Eggzact Science: This system can be used in modern egg farms. Eggs laid are passed through a sensor. The sensor detects these eggs counts them. This data is updated on the web server.
  • Arduino UNO Guitar Pedal: The idea here is to create a guitar pedal and create your own digital sound from this without knowledge on DSP processor.
  • Intelligent Charger for 9V NiMH Rechargeable Batteries V1: An intelligent smart charger that charges the 9vNIMh battery is proposed here. The charger can automatically, stops charging when battery is fully charged.
  • Doorbell: Doorbell shows the connecting of a device to the cloud. Door connected to the cloud can be operated from anywhere. The transmitter actually opens door while the receiver rings and is used to open the door.
  • The Train of the Future: This is prototype of future train. Trains in future will give the information like their location and only authenticated passengers were allowed into the train. The same is explained in this project.
  • Sensal – All Senses Alarm Clock: Instead of an alarm clock that produces ugly sound ,an alarm which awakes you with pleasant fell was developed. This is called sunrise alarm. The alarm switches on the LED light instead of sound.
  • Build a Simple Cocktail Drinkbot with Arduino :Here is a robot that  can make cocktail using arduino is shown.
  • Arduino running 600 Pixel NeoPixel LED Panel : Here is the 600 pixel neopixel Led panel running using arduino UNO.

Arduino Sensors Projects

  • Wooden Arduino Knocking Calculator: This is a mathematical invention made by using Arduino. In this project we design a calculator by implementing the knock sensor (sound sensor) in a wooden box. To perform the mathematical operations, we run the Arduino program in computer.
  • Smartwatch Prototype Turns Your Wrist into a Joystick: Smart watches can be used as an alternative to the smart phones. But for operating these smart watches it is necessary to use another hand. So, an interactive smart watch that can be controlled using gestures of the hand to which it is held is shown here. This contains several IR sensors, piezo vibration sensor and an Arduino board.
  • This Arduino G Meter Shows How Fast Your Car Really Is!: This project shows how fast your car is driving. It uses Arduino along with acceleration sensor. This project shows how many G’s that this car is pulling.
  • Smoke Detection using MQ-2 Gas Sensor: Smoke detection is done using MQ2 smoke sensor. When the smoke level greater than a certain level, a buzzer starts ringing and a red LED is switched ON.
  • Ultrasonic Map-Maker using an Arduino Yun: This project uses ultrasonic sensor and Arduino. This sensor transmits ultrasonic waves and if nay obstacle is present it reflects back. Arduino calculates the distance between the obstacle by using the time taken by the waves to reflect back. Servo motor rotates the sensor at particular angle.
  • Reef Controller: Reef/aquarium maintenance is bit difficult task. This system allows the user to monitor the temperature, lighting etc of the tank. Arduino sends the status of these sensors the user, accordingly user can control these parameters.
  • Automatic Pet Watering System: The automatic pet watering system, monitors the water level in the tub. If the water level is below the fixed, it automatically fills water into it. Water level is sensed using ultrasonic sensor.
  • Arduino Based Distance Sensor: Arduino based distance sensor uses 2 sensors along with Arduino. The two sensors are infrared proximity sensor and ultrasonic range finding sensor. The IR sensor has a light source, which bounces the infrared light from the objects to the sensor. The ultrasonic range finer sensor produces the high frequency sound waves and calculates the echo time, to determine the distance.

IOT Projects Using Arduino

  • IOT PCR: Low Cost DNA Replication Connected to the Internet.: PCR acronym is acronym for polymerase chain reaction. This process is used to replicate certain parts of the DNA. The process carried out in a device called thermocycler. Here a simple thermocycler of low cost and easy to use was proposed. It can also be controlled through internet,
  • Baby-Pram Monitoring System: This system attached to baby’s pram can monitor various parameters like temperature, acceleration, light etc. IOT is used to monitor these parameters in the system.
  • Mind Controlled Arduino Robot: This project shows a robot that works on electrical signals generated from the brain. It requires Arduino, EEG band. When you focus more on the robo moves fast, if you wander it slows down automatically.
  • Deltu Gaming Robot: Deltu is a gaming robot that plays small games with the user. The user should mimic it. If not it will shake side to side, stops playing and opens the camera, take pictures and upload them to Instagram.
  • Robotic Fish Swims Under Arduino Control: The robo fish shown here can swim in the water. This fish is made up of Arduino, bent PVC pipe. This fish can be controlled using TV remote. The tail is powered through water.
  • Robot Car Controlled Using G-Sensor Smartphone: Here is the project showing the controlling of robot car using Bluetooth and smart phone. Bluetooth app is used to control the robot. Bluetooth receiver is connected to the robot via Arduino.
  • Arduino Based Line Following Robot: The Arduino based line following robot is operated by two servo motors at its wheels. The servo motors and the light sensors work with coordination move the robot on specific line.
  • Arduino Based Obstacle Avoiding Robot: The Arduino based obstacle avoiding robot will be able to move away or shift its path by sensing the obstacles. This project uses the concept of distance measuring using distance sensor drivers.
  • Arduino Based Robotic ARM: The Arduino based robotic arm project is a simple robotics project which uses the Arduino board to control the robotic arm. We can move this arm by sending commands through Arduino.
  • Arduino-Controlled Robotic Drum: This Arduino based project is used as drummer, controlled by the Arduino. Artificial sticks are moved according to the music and play the drum. The movement of the sticks are controlled by the Arduino.
  • Basic Arduino Robotic Vehicle: This project, Arduino robot is to build and control the robot by Arduino programming. By this, we can control the robot with our computer by using motor controller and distance sensor and Bluetooth slave in the robot.
  • Robofish – Swimming Arduino Robot: Robo fish- the name itself denote that this project is to build a robofish and controlling it. In this project we design a fish and make it to swim in pool or water like original fish, skipping the obstacles. It uses 3 servos to swim and position sensors to avoid obstacles.
  • Robot That Reads and Speaks RSS Feeds: This project explains us about the rss feed reading robot. in rss feed read and speak robot project, the robot we designed will not only reed the rss feeds, but it can also speak out the feeds like humans.
  • Self-Balancing Segway-Like Robot Arduino: The operation of self-balancing Segway is just like robot, which uses gyroscope to measure the tilt and adjusts itself automatically. This project uses the analog accelerometer along with the Arduino board to control itself.
  • Simple Obstacle Avoiding Robot Arduino: The obstacle avoiding robot can be designed by using Arduino and distance sensors. By using this project, we design a robot which senses the obstacles in its way and it avoids automatically.

Arduino Medical Projects

  • Touch Up Control Hospital Bed from iPad: This touch up control hospital bed is controlled from iPad, by using Arduino. we can move the hospital bed up and down and can adjust the height level by pressing the buttons in ipad, instead of pressing the physical buttons.

Arduino Wireless Projects

  • Arduino Based Home Automation: The Arduino controller is used to control the home appliances, without any wired connection. The wireless connectivity of the Arduino based automation system uses the simple components like relay and resisters. It controls the home appliances by using the Wi-Fi enabled device.
  • Arduino Based Wireless Power Meter: The Arduino based wireless power meter is to measure the number of units of power of an acceptable range. The main goal of the project is to present the accurate information of consumed energy, to the user.
  • RC Car Controlled Via the Web: The main goal of this project is to control the motion of a remote controlled car by using web and Arduino. The Arduino board controls the car by using the local server installed in the user’s system. When the Arduino sketch runs on system, the car will move in different directions as per user’s wish.
  • Tweet-A-Watt Wireless Electricity Monitor: This Arduino based project is used to monitor the power usage of the household appliances through social media. The Arduino will monitor the power usage of appliances by using heat shrinks. By connecting to the social media (in this project we used twitter) we will get notified by getting push messages by using Arduino.
  • Wireless Online Remote Chess: This is a gaming project developed by using an Arduino. By using this project, we can develop the multiplayer chess game, controlled by using Arduino. the chess board is connected with the motion sensors to record their motion. the Arduino is connected to the web server and thus we can indicate the motion of the chess coins.
  • Xbee Wireless Accelerometer: This project is to design the xbee based accelerometer by using Arduino. The xbee will work as data receiver. By programming the Arduino, we can control the accelerometer sensor operation.
  • Arduino Wireless Animatronic Hand: The wireless animatronic hand project is like robotic hand moment project. In this project, we will move the hand by controlling its operations by the Arduino. The servos implemented in the hand glove will move according to the Arduino instructions.

Arduino Bluetooth Projects

  • IMU to You!: Inertial measurement unit is nothing but measurement of Agular rate, specific force, magnetic field etc. This project describes the measurement of these data and transferring to the mobile device via Bluetooth.
  • Arduino Bluetooth Basic Tutorial: Interfacing of Bluetooth module to the Arduino is explained here.AN example controlling an Led sing blue tooth is shown in this project
  • Arduino Bluetooth Android to Arduino Communication: This project is based on both the android and Arduino, which lets you to control your Arduino kit by using the Bluetooth of the android smart phone. To communicate with the Arduino, android need an interface, Android. By using this interface, android sends the text commands to Arduino.

Arduino Home Automation Projects

  • Build an Entire Home Automation System with a Raspberry Pi and Arduino: This project shows the home automation system built using Arduino and raspberry pi. Several sensors were used for monitoring the various parameters in home.
  • Gestured Controlled Smart Home: A gesture controlled smart home system is proposed here. This project uses Mayo for detecting the hand gestures. These gestures are used for controlling the appliances.
  • Non-Intrusive Elderly Smart Home (NESH): The proposed project monitors the smart homes with elderly people. Homes are fitted with different sensors. Data from these sensors like when they woke up, medication taken etc. is sent to the relatives or guardians.
  • Control your Light System Using Smart Phone: Smart homes are increasing these days. The proposed project controls the home appliances using smart home. Arduino plays a key role by processing the data.
  • RF Based Smart Home Automation System: This project explains about automation of home using the RF. Arduino is used to proceeds the data received from RF and control the appliances.
  • Gas Detector / Indicator (USB Powered) With Arduino: This Arduino project is of home automation and safety. In this project we design an instrument to detect the presence of gas by using a sensor and we indicate it by using a 7 segment LCD display. The gas detection and indication operation is achieved by an Arduino.

Arduino Security Projects

  • Security Access Using RFID Reader: Interfacing of RFID reader to the Arduino is explained here along with the code.
  • Arduino Based Home Security System: The Arduino based home security system is used to for providing security to the living places. With this, we can provide safety and can prevent theft and theft attempts, and un authorized entry of restricted persons.
  • Arduino Based Security System: The Arduino based home security system is used to for providing security to the living places. With this, we can provide safety and can prevent theft and theft attempts, and un authorized entry of restricted persons.
  • Arduino Night Security Alarm with PIR Sensor: The Arduino is very useful for home automation and security applications. This Arduino based night security alarm is used to for providing security at night times. With this, we can provide safety and can prevent theft and theft attempts.
  • Arduino Security Alarm with Reed Switch: The Arduino security alarm with read switch project is used to alert the user by sending or ringing alarm at if any theft attempt is observed by the sensor. This is a home automation and security project based on Arduino along with reed switch and piezo buzzer.
  • Notifying Doorbell with Pushingbox: The Arduino based notifying push bell is a home security based project. In this project, we are able to hack the doorbell in order to send the push notifications to mobile. We can also send an email with an attached picture when somebody is present at the door. The Arduino programming will work along with pushing box service to do this task.

Arduino Quadcopter Projects

  • Arduino Based Quadcopter: With Arduino, we can design a quadcopter also. We can control the quadcopter by remote. The quadcopter uses the servo motors at its rotors and by controlling the motors we can control the speed of the quadcopter.
  • Open-Source Quadcopter: In this project we design an Arduino based open source quadcopter to navigate and provide the dangerous areas such as war fields. This can be used for the surveillance of the situations and also to send the information to radio stations without putting any human in risk.
  • Arduino Based Flight Controller For Quadcopter: In this project, we use Arduino to control the speed and altitude of the quadcopter. For this, it uses the Arduino flight controller board along with various sensors, such as gyro scope and accelerometer. We may provide additional sensors to hold the altitude level of the quadcopter.

Arduino RFID Projects

  • RFID Access Control System: RFID based access control system is a home security project based on Arduino. it provides security to the home or offices based on the authorization of user’s identity. The authorization is provided by the RFID card.
  • RFID Cat Door: This project lets us to control the pet cage door. The whole process is controlled by an Arduino. The cage door will open only when the pet wears the appropriate RFID tag. Using this Arduino project, we can protect our pet from other animals.

Arduino Laser Projects

  • Keep Your Cat Entertained with an Automated Laser Tower: This project shows building a laser tower that entertains the cats. It uses Arduino Uno, two servo motors, Pan/tilt camera mount, tin for placing the set up.
  • Automated Cat Laser: The Cat Bot is an autonomous laser toy for your cat. It produces a rotating (moving) laser beam by using the servos attached in it. Using two servos, an Arduino you can provide your cat with endless fun.
  • Fantastic Arduino Laser Harp: The Arduino laser harp is a musical instrument which produces light beams. When this Arduino controlled laser harp is connected to any synthesizer, it will make some MIDI tunes along with light effects.
  • Laser Harp Fully Functional: Laser harp project produces the laser light beams by using LEDs and laser. This Arduino based project works depending on the photo resistors. The photo resistors are connected in a particular manner to receive the laser beam from a simple laser.
  • Laser Maze Powered by Arduino: Laser maze circuit is a security application, designed by using Arduino. It is mostly used in jewel store to prevent theft and to catch intruders. This project uses Arduino to control the laser maze and ring an alarm when the maze is disturbed.


  • Arduino 7 Segment Led Display and Counter: This Arduino project is very simple and easy. Arduino platform can be used for simple counting operations. It uses a LCD screen (7 segment LCD display) to display the increment counting operation of the Arduino from 0 to 9. The seven segment display will display the numeric (numbers) by depending upon the Arduino sketch.
  • Arduino Based Alarm Clock: We can design an alarm clock with time and date by using Arduino UNO compatible board. It also uses a LCD (for display purpose) and a real-time clock module. The whole circuit will be built on a prototyping shield and connected to a power supply. The piezo electric buzzer will ring at the present time intervals.
  • Arduino Based Auto Intensity Control Of Street Lights: The main aim of this project is to continuously monitor the power using devices and controlling their power consumption. This light intensity controlling system will use the bunch of LED lights along with the Arduino. The operation and intensity of the LED will be controlled by Arduino, by considering the requirement of the light at peak hours and non-peak hours.
  • Arduino Based Autopilot System: In this project we design an Arduino based aircraft (auto pilot) system, to navigate and provide live video from the dangerous areas such as war fields. This can be used for the surveillance of the situations and also to send the weather information to radio stations without putting any human in risk.
  • Arduino Based Battery Charge: By using Arduino, we can design a simple battery charger. The main aim of the project is to create the charger by using Ni – Mh batteries. The battery charging can be monitored by Arduino.
  • Arduino Based Car Parking System: This project explains us the automated parking system of vehicles. It uses the Arduino controller and IR sensors to locate the surrounded obstacles (vehicles). This is one of the most used real time objectives in parking areas.
  • Arduino Based Energy Meter: Using Arduino, we can monitor the power (energy) used by a system and alert the user by sending him text messages. The energy level or the current and voltage ranges are observed by using an LCD display.
  • Arduino Based GPS Tracker: We can locate the vehicle or human by tracking them using Arduino. The Arduino based gps tracking system uses GPS module for locating the vehicle on maps. It requires simple elements like battery and antennas, but with very low cost we can design a tracking system by using Arduino.
  • Arduino Based Heart Rate Monitor: This project is most helpful for the medical field applications. The Arduino based heart rate monitoring system will use the finger pulse rate recording module along with the Arduino. This pulse detecting sensor wills works depending upon the pulse –plethysmography principle.
  • Arduino Based Incubator: The Arduino based incubator is developed by the idea of medical conditions in rural areas. This project can be effectively used by the technicians to save the life of chickens and infants. The Arduino micro controller is used to control the temperature of the system.
  • Arduino Based Intervalometer: The Arduino based intervalometer is used to monitor the things continuously, by the control cameras in it. We use the Arduino to control the camera and the infrared LED. The ice is set to take pictures for every pre-set time interval.
  • Arduino Based Joystick: The Arduino based joystick is designed by using potentiometers and by using this joystick, we can control the electronic systems like computer. We design this module by implementing the Digital to analog converter.
  • Arduino Based Light Dimmer: The aim of Arduino based light dimmer project is to maintain the triac at the mains, always. The dimmer circuit works by designing a diode bridge by using junction diodes. This bridge will control the voltage across the bulb by using pulse width modulation.
  • Arduino Based MP3 Player: Arduino based mp3 player is a cool project to work on. Arduino is capable of producing sound waves by implementing some components to it, like speakers. It will work on the principle of voltage divider circuit.
  • Arduino Based Oscilloscope: Arduino is capable of producing different waveforms, by using atmega controller and so that it acts as an oscilloscope. It can produce very high speed oscillations as it has very high speed clock.
  • Arduino Based Part Fill Automatic Valve: Part fill vales are mostly used in rain water tanks. Arduino is used to control the water valve as the water level reaches the minimum level, so that a constant minimum water level is maintained in the tank.
  • Arduino Based Shadow Alarm: Arduino based shadow alarm is an opto sensitive circuit, which will activate the buzzer or alarm as the light intensity changes. It is majorly used to detect the intruders and to sound an alarm depending on the light dependent resistors.
  • Arduino Based Temperature Controller: Arduino based temperature controller is used to control and monitor the temperature of the elements by using the temperature sensor. This temperature sensor continuously monitors the temperature of devices and alerts if it exceeds the preset level.
  • Arduino Based Thermostat: We all know the thermostat is a temperature monitoring device. As it connected with the Arduino, the thermostat (temperature sensor) will continuously monitor the temperature of a room or device. We can visually observe the temperature level by using the LCD display.
  • Arduino Based Tilt Detector: Arduino based tilt detector is used to detect the tilt of the objects. It uses the accelerometer and LED to detector the tilt in the objects at the time of earth quakes and motion detection etc.
  • Arduino Based Underground Cable Fault Detection: This project works based on ohms law. In this Arduino based underground cable fault detection project, we find out the broken wires which are under layered in ground. This uses a set of resisters and set of switches to check the faults in wires
  • Arduino Based Vehicle Parking Counter: The vehicle parking counter will count the number of vehicles that are entering the parking lot. The parking count can be counted by using 2 sensors at the entrance of the parking.
  • Arduino Based Voltmeter: The Arduino voltmeter converts the applied AC voltage signal into DC voltage, by using a voltage divider circuit. The voltage divider circuit can be modified to work at different voltages by connecting it to different basic components.
  • Arduino Based Water Level Controller: The Arduino based water level controller will control the water level of a tank automatically by detecting the water level by using sensors. As the water level increases the preset level, the circuit alerts the user by sounding an alarm and it automatically turn off the tap/pump.
  • Arduino Camping Led Light: This camping light circuit will use the LED lights to understand the camping operation of lights. The operation of the LEDs is controlled by the Arduino board and push buttons in it.
  • Arduino Christmas Led Lights Bar: Working with this Arduino based Christmas lights project is very easy and fun. We can make the Arduino board to work with LEDs to light as Christmas light effect, by using just simple electronic components.
  • Arduino Controlled Yoghurt / Beer Maker: The Arduino controlled yogurt maker is used to prepare the yogurt in home by controlling the temperature and cooking time of the yogurt. It uses the thermostat for temperature monitoring and a heat sink for the temperature control.
  • Arduino Digital Voltmeter: The Arduino voltmeter converts the applied AC voltage signal into DC voltage, by using a voltage divider circuit. The voltage divider circuit can be modified to work at different voltages by connecting it to different basic components.
  • Arduino Firefly Jar with The Atmega32: The Arduino firefly jar is an artificial method of creating firefly effect by using Arduino UNO board and ATmega 32. This projects works on very simple technique that, the photoresister will control the switching of the LEDs depending upon the light intensity.
  • Arduino Hall Effect Sensor (Gaussmeter): This Arduino based gauss meter is used to measure the magnetic field using the hall effect based sensor. This project can be used for experimenting on magnetism. The magnetic field strength will be displayed on LCD screen.
  • Arduino Icicle Lights with Leds: This icicle lights project will work using LEDs along with the Arduino board. The LEDs will on and off in a sequence and the sequence of lights and the switching can be controlled by Arduino.
  • Arduino Multiple Lights Dimmer: In this Arduino based multiple lights dimmer project, the lights are cascaded with each other. And their operation is controlled by using the opto coupler. The cascaded lamps or lights are ramps down to in an order to on and off, with some delay.
  • Arduino Music Player: Arduino based mp3 player is a simple and easy project. Arduino is capable of producing sound waves by implementing some components to it, like speakers. It will work on the principle of voltage divider circuit.
  • Arduino Painting Machine: This Arduino based paint machine is used to reduce the human effort and errors while painting the walls. This project uses the stepper motors and brush servos to paint the required areas, by using the Arduino.
  • Arduino Panic Alarm: The Arduino based panic alarm project is used to alert the user whenever the user gets panic, by ringing an alarm. The piezo electric buzzer is used to produce the alarm sound. It uses two main elements to do this, such as Arduino micro controller board and interfacing device.
  • Arduino Powered Binary Clock: We can design a binary clock by using Arduino. This project needs simple electronic elements like LEDs. The LEDs are arranged in a sequence to display the analog clock.
  • Arduino Powered Lucky Cat As Physical Webcounter: This project is used to make indicate us when person visits our web page or web site. The lucky cat idol will make us to know this by connecting this to the web server by using Arduino. This project uses the simple hardware components like LED and servo motors.
  • Arduino Powered Mobile Phone: The cell phone can charge the Arduino by using its Li ion battery. This Arduino powered mobile phone project will be useful for charging applications, by using simple elements like diodes and resisters.
  • Arduino Powered Poker Table: The Arduino based poker table is used to produce the illuminated lights around the poker table. This project runs by using the web page hosted on local server, which is connected to the Arduino. We can also control this from a mobile phone.
  • Arduino PWM Led Control: In this project, we control the brightness of an LED by using pulse width modulation technique and Arduino. The Arduino board is stuffed with basic hard ware components and as the width of the wave for in pulse width modulation technique varies, the brightness of the LED also varies.
  • Arduino Room Temperature Monitor: This project will help us to monitor the temperature of a room by using a thermostat and Arduino. We can monitor the temperature by using a http server api and can send text messages about the temperature and room conditions.
  • Arduino Self Timer: The Arduino self-timer is a basic Arduino project which can be used as a timer circuit. The timer will be displayed by using an LED display. An led light is also used to indicate the timer visually.
  • Arduino Siren Sound Alarm: The Arduino siren sound alarm project is used to make an alert by powerful audio-visual alert device using the Arduino platform. This circuit produces a loud, wailing sound as a warning signal. And one LED provides the visual alert
  • Arduino Stock Lamp: This Arduino based stock alarm lamp will alert the user by blinking the led when the stocks reaches the preset level. This circuit will need to connect to the server to make an alert about the stocks. This will save us time to check out all the stocks in the internet.
  • Automatic Camera Shutter Switch: The Arduino is used to control the camera shutter after the elapsed time. This requires an interface between Arduino board and a camera. By using some electronic components, the Arduino can send commands to close the shutter of the camera, connected to the Arduino board through a cable.
  • Automatic Head Tracking with Arduino: The Arduino based head tracking system is used to detect the tilt. To detect the tilt, the Arduino uses the gyroscope and a 3 axis accelerometer. The final goal of this project is to control the camera on my RC glider.
  • Blinking A Led with Arduino: This is a very simple Arduino project which uses just a led and resister. The led is connected to the Arduino board by a resister and by running the Arduino code in our computer, we can make the led to blink with a present delay time.
  • Blinking Eyes Arduino Pumpkin: The blinking eyes Arduino pumpkin is a funny and scary idea. In this project we make the pumpkin to move with the help of servos with blinking leds in its eyes. The pumpkin and its motion is controlled by a button, and an Arduino.
  • Blinking Leds Sketch: This is a simple Arduino project with which we can control the led light to blink, by setting the time to on and off. By running the code in our computer, we can make the led to on and off at particular intervals.
  • Brainwave Powered Prosthetic ARM by Arduino: This is a great project idea by using Arduino that will very helpful for handicapped people in real time. The brain wave powered prosthetic arm project will move the robotic hand by the human thoughts. And this module uses Arduino board and the Mindwave Mobile headset.
  • Breathalyzer Microphone: The Breathalyzer microphone is a system for the works on the basis of information collection of blood-alcohol content level data sets. We can measure a person’s sobriety with a device that for all intents and purposes, looks no different than a standard microphone.
  • Calibrate A Sensor Automatically (Calibration): By using this Arduino project, we can calibrate the sensor. Sometimes, the working efficiency of sensors will decrease by time. To work with the sensors properly and effectively, we need to calibrate them. This can be done by Arduino.
  • Cellular Sensor Sentinel: The cellular sentinel project uses the GSM shield to build a remote alarm system based on Arduino platform. This system will alert you within seconds by sending text messages to your cell phone by being connected with the pressure sensor, motion sensors which are implemented at the doors of house and offices.
  • Coin Operated Advice Machine: The coin based advice machine is something that gives you an advice whenever you insert a coin into it. Basically, to get the idea from this coin operated machine, we need to press the button after inserting the coin.
  • Connect an IOS Device to Arduino: We can connect the apple phone (or any iOS bases electronic gadget such as I phone I pad) to the Arduino and we can work with it. The project will let us know, how to connect and work with the iOS device.
  • Control A Relay with Arduino: In this project, we control the relay by using an Arduino. The jumper wires are connected to the relay and led. When no device is connected to the relay, the led will glow to indicate the no power state.
  • Control LED’s On/Off with IR Remote And Arduino: The main objective of this project is to control the led lights manually with the help of Arduino and remote. We use an IR remote to control the led operation, that means we can turn on and off by the sending and receiving the IR signal from the remote.
  • Control Servo Motors with The Wii Mote Joystick: In this project, we control the motion of servo motors by using a joystick. We use the will mote joystick along with the Arduino board to control its motion.
  • Control the Flashing Rate of An Led Using A Potentiometer (Analog Input): In this project, we control the flashing rate of a led with the potentiometer. The potentiometer is used to control the resistance and thus by current flow to the led. So, depending upon the current flowing to the led, we can make the led on and off.
  • Creating A Single-Cell Battery Tester: The single cell batteries will be of 1.4 volts to 1.6 volts nearly. We can measure the voltage level of the battery by using the analog Read function library of the Arduino. depending on the voltage level of the battery, the leds will glow.
  • Detect A Knock on a Sensor (Knock): The knock sensor is a device which is used to prevent the spark or detonation in the engine, which may cause serious damage to the vehicle engine. By using Arduino we can detect the knock in the engines and can prevent the vehicle from damage.
  • Digital Clock with Arduino and Ds1307: In this project we are going to build a digital clock by using an Arduino and DS1307 real time clock timer IC. This IC provides the year, month, date, hour, minute and second information in binary form through an lcd display.
  • Digital Combination Lock: This is an security application by using an Arduino. the Arduino will control the door lock, by the combination of digits or combinations. the user can lock and unlock the door by pressing the digits on the hex key pad, which consists of numbers and digits. This hex key pad is interfaced with the Arduino and can be operated by the Arduino sketch (programming).
  • Dirt Simple POV Led Display: POV means persistence of vision. We can design a POV led display by using a bunch of leds and Arduino. pov is the vision of blur we seen when waving at an object. In this project, we display the letters and characters on the lcd screen whenthey are moving with different speeds.
  • DIY Gaming with A 3d Controller: The main goal of this project is to make a 3dimentional hand positioning system by using an Arduino. We preserve the semblance of functionality in this project. We can visually observe the hand positioning in the 3D view.
  • DIY Musical Key Tar: The Arduino key tar is used to create the musical sound controlled by an Arduino board. By attaching the strings to the Arduino and controlling them we can produce sounds from the key tar. Whenever the strings of the keytar touches the frets, the system will make a sound.
  • DVD Player Turned into A VFD Clock: In this project, the broken DVD player is turned in to work as a multipurpose clock. The VFD (vacuum fluorescent display) driver is used along with the Arduino to design the clock from a DVD player.
  • Electronic Memory Game: This is a fun filled project using the Arduino board. In this electronic memory game project, we design a game to test the user’s memory power. This project uses simple components like resisters and leds.
  • E-Sleeper – Put Your Pet On Sleep Mode: This is the project designed to deal with our pets. In this project we design a pet bed to make our pet sleepy and calm by using an Arduino, which is known as e-sleeper. The e-sleeper will play different sounds and lit the led lights at constant flashing rate.
  • Fade An LED’s Brightness (Fade / Fading): This is a simple project that fades the led light by depending on Arduino commands. This project doesn’t use ant complicated mechanism. We just use resister and an led in this. The led will fade (adjust the brightness) depending up on the current allowed to it through the Arduino.
  • Fade Led in and Out with Arduino: In this project, the Arduino board is used to control the led switching. The led connected to the Arduino will fade in and out, depending on the current flow through the resister.
  • Fan Speed Controlled by Temperature and Arduino: The fan speed control project is used in small and large industries to control the speed of the fan depending on its temperature level. This project mainly uses the temperature sensor and the Arduino to control the operation of the fan.
  • G-Arduino Automated Gardening System: This project ‘G-Arduino’ is an automatic gardening device, controlled by an Arduino. This project will work on considering the soil moisture and humidity in the atmosphere. The automatic gardening system can be implemented by using simple electrical parts like sensors.
  • Giant 6 Foot Disco Ball Music Visualizer: This football disco visualizer is a party time project using an Arduino. The big sized disco ball is used to produce the light effects according to the music. The football is stuffed with LED bulbs which are controlled by using an Arduino.
  • GPS Cat Tracker: This Arduino based cat tracker project is used to track our pet using the GSM technology. This instrument is tied to the pet and by running the Arduino sketch, we can find the place of our pet in real time, such as in maps.
  • Hack A Nes Controller into A Security Keypad: In this project we hack a NES controller and use it as a security key pad. The Arduino will be used to control the action of an NES. The hacked controller can be used as security systems like door lock, by operating using keys.
  • Hacking of EEG Toys With Arduino: We can hack the EEG toys by using an Arduino. By using a human mind flex interface we can read the data in the EEG toy with certain baud rate.
  • High Speed Photography Using the Arduino: The high speed photography can be achieved by using an Arduino, by controlling the triggering rate of the camera. We use the opto coupler, digital camera with tripod and a triggering device to take the high speed photography.
  • Homemade X-Ray Machine: This project is a simple homemade x ray machine, by using the Arduino. We can see through the things by this project and capture the x-ray images of the things and substances.
  • Interactive Gaming Controller: This interactive gaming controller project is used in gaming applications. We can control the game-play by using a toy connected to Arduino and some motion sensors, manually.
  • Interface A Rotary Phone Dial to an Arduino: The main objective of the project is to interface the rotary phone dial with an Arduino and making use of it. The Arduino sketch is run in the computer to display the operation of rotary dial on the screen.
  • Interfacing with Maya and 3D Studio Max: In this project, we interface the Arduino with the Maya and max 3D studio. By using the servo motors and some we can also move the model manually and also can view the 3d image in computer by running sketch.
  • Knight Rider Effect Sketch: Arduino is used to create the knight rider effect by using LEDs and resister. The LEDs will switch on and off in a particular timing so it will look like the light of one LED is shifted to its neighbour. The Arduino will control the switching of LEDs by running the sketch in system.
  • Leap Motion Tilt Marble Maze: This leap motion tilt marble maze project is based on Arduino. this project uses the motion sensor and Arduino to control the maze tile.
  • Low-Cost Global Satellite Signalling with Iridium: The Arduino based global satellite system is very useful in tracking applications. It uses an Arduino compatible iridium satellite receiver for signal reception. It can also send text messages to the user about the satellite positioning.
  • Make an Led Bar Graph Display (Bar Graph) Arduino: In this project we control the switching of a bunch of LEDs by using Arduino. the LED bar is connected through resisters. The LED bed will receive current through the resisters and that will make the LEDs to on and off, at same time intervals.
  • Make an RGB Combination Door Lock: This is a home automation and security based project using Arduino. the RGB combination of LEDs is used to lock and unlock the door. The Arduino sketch is used to program the module to work the RGB as security lock.
  • Marble Labrynth Controlled Using the Wiifit: This game is designed based on Arduino. the marble labrynth is used to control the wiifit, which are interfaced with Arduino. the Arduino sketch control the motion of the labrynth by detecting the change in motion sensors, adjusted in the wiifit.
  • Metal Detector Made with Arduino: In this project we design a Metal detector by using an Arduino. this device is used to detect the presence of a metal, without touching it. The Arduino based metal detector will work on the principle of inductive sensing.
  • Mind-Controlled Nerf Gun by Arduino: This mind controlled nerf sentry gun will work based on the human mind signals. We use a mind controlled (mind wave read) interface to avoiding misfire. The Arduino board will control the operation of this gun by using the mind read interface.
  • Mirrored Shack Lights Up the Desert Arduino: This mirror shack lights project is providing beautiful light effects by using an Arduino board. This is an outdoor project that can be done by adding mirror strips to the exterior of the shack and installing the custom Arduino controlled electronic stuff inside them.
  • Multi-Touch Touch Screen Music Controller Arduino: The main objective of this project is to design a touch based system to control the music system, by using an Arduino and IR. We can control the music by a touch pad or touch screen by using our fingers.
  • Musical Midi Shoes: This project we will produce the musical tones instead of regular toe sounds, while we are walking. There is a force sensitive resister inserted in shoes that we wear. The force sensitive resister is connected to an Arduino and a piezo buzzer in order to produce sounds.
  • Open Source Game Boy: This is a gaming project that is designed based on Arduino platform. In this project we design a game which can be played by using a joystick. The LCD gaming screen will be used to display the game visually.
  • Overclocking an Arduino With Liquid Nitrogen: In this project we try to increase the clock speed of an Arduino by using liquid nitrogen. The Arduino board is dipped into the liquid nitrogen, its clock speed will increase because of the cryogenic temperature of the liquid N2. An LED is used to indicate the change in clock speed. The yellow LED will turn green due to the increase in band gap, because of the low temperatures.
  • Play Different Tones as Light Intensity Changes (Tonepitchfollower): By using this project, we can play a pitch changeable music tone on the speaker controlled by the light intensity of the LDR. When we move our hand around the LDR, we can change the light intensity so thus we can vary the pitch of the music tone.
  • Potted Plant Protector: By using this Arduino based project we can protect the potted plants. We use the humidity / moisture sensor and temperature sensor to detect the plant conditions. To monitor the plant’s condition, we use a LCD display to visually observe the readings.
  • Proximity Sensor to Automate Your Haunted House: It is an interesting project based on Arduino, to create the haunted house effects. This project is used to detect the presence of our guest in the animated haunted house and to create the horrible light effects by using LED lights and photo transistor.
  • Rainboard – Rgb Led Rainbow Fader: This rainbow fader effect project is designed by using an Arduino and LED lights. This project uses the shift registers and pulse width modulation technique to control the brightness levels of LEDs using just 3 digital pins from the Arduino.
  • Read A Digital Value (Digital Read Serial): Using Arduino is the best method to establish serial port communication. In this “Digital read serial” project, the Arduino will read the digital data provided by user and the built-in ‘serial library’ will establish a serial communication to the user’s computer, with which we are able to see the on the screen.
  • Read an Analog Value (Analogread Serial): Using Arduino is the best method to establish serial port communication. In this “analog read serial” project, the Arduino will read the analog data provided by user and the built-in ‘serial library’ will establish a serial communication to the user’s computer.
  • Reading Temperatures Using I2C, TC04 Sensors and Arduino: This project uses the I2C communication along with the Arduino, to measure the temperatures of 3 different places at a time. It is useful to measure the inside, outside temperatures of a room at a time.
  • Remote Controlling Heavy LCD TV with Smartphone: In this project, we can control the operation of a LCD T.V. by using our smart phone. The tv control mechanism is implemented in smart phone by using Arduino. by using this module, we can change the channels and change the volume and the screen direction of the television.
  • Retro Games Console Based On Arduino: This retro games console project is used to design our own games and play games. This module works based on Arduino. we can use this project to interface a game console while playing games, and also can interface with any other electronic devices to control, or to monitor them.
  • RGB Lamp Controlled from PC: The main objective of this project is to control the RGB lamp from our computer by using an Arduino. The RGB lamp is connected to the system by a module. We can control the RGB light by running the Arduino sketch in system.
  • RGB Liquid Crystal Display Tutorial By Arduino: By using this project, we can change the color of the LCD display. The Arduino board is connected to the LCD display to control it by the Arduino programming.
  • Rocker Scale Measures How Hard You Rock Arduino: Rocker scale is an device which measures the intense and strength levels of playing the rock music instrument. This project uses Arduino to measure the sound levels by using sensors.
  • Rotary Encoder Tutorial with Arduino Code: The rotary encoder is a angular measuring device which is used to measure the rotation of wheels. In this project we use an Arduino board to control the operation of rotary encoder.
  • Secret Knock Detecting Door Lock: This home security based project is used to lock and unlock the door by the secret knocks. When the Arduino board based project is connected to the door, the sensors will detect the knock on the door and if the knock is matched with the feeded door knock sequence, then the lock will open. Otherwise the door will be locked.
  • Self-Guide Golf Club Carrier By Arduino: By using this project, we can make the toy car to work as a golf club carrier. After disassembling the parts of toy car we implement our circuit in the car. The operation of the circuit is then controlled by an Arduino.
  • Sensing Hot and Cold with Arduino: We can sense hot and cold substances by using an Arduino. The temperature sensors are connected to the Arduino along with LEDs. The LEDs are used to represent the temperature of the substances by glowing.
  • Simple Soil Moisture Sensor – Arduino Project: This project is used to detect the moisture level of the soil. The soil moisture sensor is controlled by using an Arduino board. An LED is used to indicate the low moisture level in the soil.
  • SNF Drumming Midi Glove Using Arduino And Light Sensor: This Arduino based project is used to produce midi tone music sounds by using piezo buzzer and LDR resister. The LDR sensors are arranged in a glove. These LDR sensors are used to produce the midi tone by pressing them.
  • Sound-To-Light Particle Light Box: The sound to light box project is designed by using Arduino board. In this project we can generate the light effects by giving sound input. The Arduino LEDs are arranged in the light box, which will receive the sound signal from surroundings and produce light effects.
  • Specialized Umbrella: The specialized umbrella is an Arduino based project which will use LEDs and speakers to generate visual effects and sound effects. The IR distance measuring sensor is arranged in the umbrella to measure the distance when it is approaching to someone and then the LEDs will glow to produce light effects and the speakers around the umbrella will sound an alarm.
  • Switch A Led On by Press Button: This Arduino project is very simple. When we press a button attached to the Arduino board, the LED connected to the Arduino will glow. This means we can switch on and off (toggle the state of LED) by pressing button.
  • Temperature Controlled Relay with Arduino: The temperature controlled relay project is used in industries to control the speed of the fan depending on its temperature level. The relay is connected to the temperature sensor and a dc fan, which are controlled by using Arduino sketch.
  • Text Message-Based Remote Display: The text message based LED display project is used to display the characters on a LCD display, by sending text messages by a GSM module. The Arduino is used to control the gsm operation and the LCD display.
  • The Inebriator an Arduino Powered Cocktail Maker: The inebriator project is used as cocktail maker in house parties. This Arduino based project is used to mix the different types of liquors in particular amount. The quantity of alcohol to be mixed is controlled by using Arduino.
  • The Led Brightness or Fan Speed With Arduino: This Arduino based project is used to control the brightness of the LED or can control the fan speed by using Arduino programming. This project uses simple parts like transistors and potentiometer to control the LED and fan switching.
  • The Magic Crystal Mood Ball Arduino: This magic mood ball project is an Arduino based one, to change its color depending upon the user’s mood and his body temperature. The temperature sensors are used to measure the user’s body temperature and they send command to the LEDs to change their color with increase and decrease in temperature.
  • Transfer The Mintduino from Breadboard To Perfboard: The Arduino based project is used to convert the bread board to use as prefboard. This project uses the atmega controller and reset buttons along with the Arduino.
  • Turn Signal Biking Jacket: The main objective of this project is to design a signalling jacket by using Arduino. the signalling jacket will be display the left and right signals automatically, when the person turns into move in that directions. This project uses the lilly pad LEDs along with Arduino.
  • Turn Your Arduino into A Magnetic Card Reader: In this project we use the Arduino to read the data in magnetic strip. Now a day, most of the important data is being carried in magnetic cards. So to read the digital data stored in a magnetic card, it is a easier way to build our own and basic level magnetic card reader by using Arduino.
  • Twitter Mood Light: The Arduino can be directly connected to any wireless network by using wifily module. So to design a twitter mood light, we use Arduino. in this project we design a LED light that changes its colour by collecting the information of tweets from twitter. The Arduino is used to connect the LED light with the social media.
  • UAV Spy Plane Using the Arduino: In this project we design an Arduino based spy plane (UAV – unmanned Arial vehicle), to navigate through the dangerous areas such as war fields. This can be used for the surveillance of the situations and also to collect the weather information.
  • Use A Potentiometer to Dim A Led (Analog In-Out Serial): The main objective of this project is to design a LED that can be controlled by th potentiometer. The current allowed by the potentiometer will control the lighting (the wavelength) of the LED bulb. The colour of LED will change along with the current (resistance allowed) in potentiometer.
  • Vibrating Gear Stick for Helping Change Gears: This vibrating gear project will help the novice drivers to indicate them to change the vehicle gear. This Arduino based project monitors the gear condition comparing the speed of the vehicle. The Arduino will notify the driver to change the gear when it is not in proper speed-gear combination.
  • VK 2wd Electric Car with Arduino: In the VK electric car project, we design an Arduino controlled electric car. By using a Bluetooth module, we can control this electrical car by using our smart phone also.
  • Web Based Servo Controlled Arduino: The web based servo controller project is designed based on Arduino. the speed of the servo motor is monitored by Arduino, and by connecting this Arduino to the web server (using our computer) we can control its speed.
  • Website Visitor Blinker Christmas Bell Arduino: This project is used to indicate us when person visits our web page or web site. The xmas bell will let us to know this by connecting this to the web server by using Arduino. This project uses the simple hardware components like and servo motors along with the web page or web server.
  • Wiimote Controlled Espresso Machine Arduino: This project is a simple Arduino based coffee machine. The Arduino will control the espresso machine by using a wii remote.
  • 16×12 Grid Midi Step Sequencer: We can build our own step sequencer by using Arduino. Though the step sequencer has massive array of buttons, we can easily work with it. It has a light grid with built in LEDs, which can be operated by user, manually. It doesn’t need any system/ computer to operate.
  • A Connected Thermostat: We all know the thermostat is a temperature monitoring device. As it connected with the Arduino, the thermostat will continuously monitor the temperature of a room or device. We can visually observe the temperature level by using the LCD display.
  • Advanced Arduino Sound Synthesis: Arduino is able to produce wave forms of any shape by varying the make time and space time of the wave form. The Arduino system clock is of very high speed (16MHz) so it can produce very high frequency waves. By using the “Prescalar” hardware, we can slow down the high frequency wave forms.
  • Android-Controlled Beer Tap: The Arduino and Android platforms are combinable used to supervise the beer consumption. The android is used to check and authorize the consumer’s identity and then it allows the Arduino to operate the beer tap.
  • Appliance Remote Control Arduino Project: We can control the home appliances better than GSM, by using Arduino. The Arduino is connected with an IR receiver and it receives the encoded signals from IR remote. The built in library of Arduino will decode the received signals and controls the AC operated home appliances, like switch, fan and TV set etc.
  • Arduino Traffic Light Timing Lesson: The Traffic Light Controller enables you to gain control of your road rage with a sense of understanding!
  • Aquaponics Online Temperature and Humidity: By using Arduino, we can measure and monitor the temperature on a place through online. This project use the scalable application platform developed and hosted by Google cloud, Google app Engine. This app is will need to install on the browser when we are monitoring the humidity and temperature of a place.

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